backpack for a 3-day camping trip is about the same size and weight of a backpack for a 2-year trip around south america.

this is a little infuriating.

i mean, more than half of my backpack will probably be food.
clothes is like less than 10%. i need more dinosaurs.

@Yulran i did! and yes! it was great :) mostly brazil from northeast to south, then uruguay, lots of argentina and a tiny bit of chile. there were some short pauses when i passed são paulo a few times (where i lived before, and where my mother's home was).

@olivia Oh so cool! That's the whole lenght of the continent, you must have seen so many different places!

I love the idea of doing something like that but at the same time I'm too shy to interact with strangers and too scared of unfamiliar situations :sweat_smile_ms:

@Yulran same :blob_cat_aww:

but it's mostly about letting go and not being too strict about how you want things to go, and then it's alright. i found that the less i planned, the easier it was to go with the unexpected, to the point that sharing moments of the trip with people that wanted to plan too much got quite stressful haha

i also had a little money saved and a mother to go back to if it all failed which is always good for peace of mind :)

@Yulran backpackers are usually very friendly and helpful, too, so being shy is not that big of an issue. there were moments i had nervous breakdowns for other reasons and even travelling alone there was always someone to give me a hand and cook me dinner, for instance.

@olivia Oh that sounds nice, that's reassuring.
I'm glad you had a good time! Maybe one day I'll try my luck at this kind of adventure too :blobcat:

@Yulran :blob_rave:

of course it's not always perfect, but then, you know, it's pretty much the same for life. i like to say backpacking is a metaphor for life. which might sound weird, but i swear it makes perfect sense.

@olivia I guess it's because you're actually out in the world experiencing life? Instead of being home or at work always doing the same things. Or that's how I picture that it works XD

@Yulran yeah, it's like there's nowhere to run, so it's sort of like everything is crisper 😜 it's still same thing, not better or worse, it's just concentrated.

@olivia That sounds great for good moments and terrifying for bad moments :blobcatgiggle:

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