i definitely need to learn to stim.
or need to learn to trust the stims.

they are so fucking helpful but still not the first thing i go to when i really need them.

to my list of weird effective stims:

humming (not a tune, just monotone relentless humming)

am properly regulated now.
this is magic.

@olivia That feels so good!

I once did that for an hour on a ferry because nobody could hear me with the humming of the boat, just looking at the sea and humming as low as I could, it was great.

@Yulran yeah! it's like your own self-ANC right? and then when you stop because you don't need it anymore it's like so very peaceful.

@Yulran active noise cancelling! like those fancy headphones have :D

@olivia Aaah, thanks! I never tried any but I heard lots of good about them.

What I like about the humming is more the vibration, so for me I'd compare it to hugging a purring cat, which I guess you enjoy too :blobcatlove:

@Yulran oooh good point

that might be something too 🤔 I'm new to this haha still figuring it all out

@olivia Yes good luck figuring out all this new stuff 💚

@amaral nothing at all haha. just


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