feeling down? pro-tip: enter "cute stationery" in aliexpress' search box.

@olivia what they really need is the heads sticking out the other side of the book then

@olivia it's dangerous, because after that my bank account will be feeling down... 😅

@adalbertsen hahaha yeah. I'm not good at spending money so i manage to just window shop 😜

@olivia i just bought a fancy tablecloth randomly, so i'm not that good 😂 it's too bad how most stuff on Ali is so cheap...

@olivia i managed to stay away for a few months, mostly because i ordered pricey books elsewhere, but as i worked through my wishlist it's hard to not look there randomly 😕

@adalbertsen hehehe if i had a fixed income I'd probably be buying more cutey strange things that's for sure

@olivia estou escondendo meu cartão num bloco de concreto a 4 metros do chão.

@vectress eu decorei aquele código de 3 números do meu cartão :blob_nervous:

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