health stuff (-) 

been having meltdown after meltdown and just been feeling shit and angry and exhausted in general and i don't know if this is

lack of my usual cbd oil that is awaiting bureaucracy bullshit to get acquired
air is too fucking dry and there's too much dirt dust and it's too hot and maybe it's some wild allergy crisis
some post-covid shit going on (don't even have confirmation i had covid though, but it's possible)
ritalin dosage too low or too high or

this is hell I'm so tired

health stuff (-) 

@olivia damn, that sucks. Best wishes!

health stuff (-) 

Did you get tested for Covid?
I just traveled internationally and got tested like 4 times in last week.

Just read about what CBD oil is and learned that it is exteacted from hemp plant but doesn't get consumer high. I remember reading questions regarding carrying items with plant extracts upon entering the destination country. This will be hard to get through border.

Have a nice day.


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