i now have a proper smartphone and can take endless selfies but i also realized i'm not good at taking selfies. not good at all.

where's @cadadr with those selfie classes?

@olivia 😂 ✋ here I am

"endless selfies" 👈 that's the answer honestly.

But: put on the 3 or 5 sec timer, look at the camera not the screen, and turn on the 3x3 composition grid option if available, in the camera app.

@olivia congrats on the new phone btw, hope it's nice and lasts you a long time!

@cadadr it's RUGGED and chinese, so it is indeed supposed to last a long time! :D

the camera isn't all super, but then i went for a budget phone that didn't have a gigantic screen, that i could drop often (not on purpose, but you know) and could take decent photos. also nice long lasting battery. yay :)

@cadadr interesting. i always do have the 3x3 grid on (because nerd, i guess?), but never thought about the timer. what's that for?

@olivia in my experience I can't tap the shoot button or press a physical button w/o moving the phone a bit or slightly moving my eyes, and the result is it's unfocused/blurry and I'm looking at the button instead of the camera..

if you have the timer on, you get a few seconds to fix the pose after that.

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