what are plans for today, lovely people of the internet?

feels like a gaming day to me.

@olivia They put an update out just before christmas with some new stuff in so I started over, and that one's going well, then I started *another* one because I'm like "ok this one I'll do *this* way with these artificial restrictions that I place upon myself" so yeah I'm still into it XD (Been playing Sea of Thieves this morning though, and probs Skyrim this afternoon)

@welshpixie how's sea of thieves? nice? i always see it on my steam first page 🤔

@olivia I posted a couple of toots about it earlier if you want to scroll back and see ^.^ It's very pretty. I don't like pvp so I'm opting out of that and if I get attacked I'll just roll with it, you respawn at your ship anyway, and if you die and your ship sinks you respawn at an outpost with your ship back. All you lose is anything you might have been carrying on your ship.

@welshpixie you're my kind of gamer hahaha ;) gonna check your toots :D

@welshpixie yeee! i'm just curious about your games since we seem to have somewhat similar (or at least overlapping) game preferences >.<

@welshpixie i've also recently made myself stalkeable on steam, so :blob_cat_sip:

@olivia It's a chilling and being bored kind of day. :/ My laptop can't do games.

@Juju there's always pinterest and netflix 👀

@olivia Right this second it's bread and Youtube but I'll go back to Pinterest later, finding some references, yay!

@Juju yesss I'm collecting a bunch of drawing references on a board too hehe

@olivia I need more birds. I finished a page full of toucans, not I need to move on to another on! BUT WHICH? AAA

@Juju ooooh birds are nice to draw; did you see the ones i did? ( alma-de-gato is a fun one to draw, shouldn't be hard to figure out its english name...

@olivia I did see those, I watched the stream and talked to you 🤣

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