today's lil'

still available for claiming (pay-what-you-want) :)

more info here:

today's :blob_rave:
and an extra one i did off-stream some weeks ago :)

they aren't on the website yet but they are available for claiming (pay-what-you-want)! more info at

tomorrow, friday, 1200UTC (because TIMEZONES):

me and sister drawing together, LIVE on the internetz, one on each side of the planet.

who's in?

gonna share link here when it's time :)

exercise (+) 

rollerskating is so nice
also much 80s vibes
(mother bought these rollerskaters a few days before she found out she was pregnant with me)

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stream was fun today and my voyager star trek badge is quite pretty methinks <3

work in progress.
only one finger was harmed.

[photos: webcam shots of me showing a TNG star trek badge being carved on a piece of wood, in 4 stages of the making. you can see a bandaged ring finger on my left hand. one of the pics has eye contact.]

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