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"Food is very important in my culture"

- folks from literally every culture that has ever existed anywhere

get a twitter account!
hell, get a mastodon account!

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people that use matrix/discord as twitter: WHAT THE FUCK


“Does Everyone Have ADHD? No. And Why It Hurts When Neurotypicals Claim an ‘ADHD Moment’” additudemag.com/does-everyone-

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Do you laugh *regularly* when you're alone?
Like, you're watching a funny show, are you laughing? And I don't mean "I breathed out more forcefully than usual once during Grown Ups 2" I mean actually laughing and that being normal.

(I wish I had more poll options to factor in gender, continent of origin etc but I don't so here we are)

@bgcarlisle the results of this poll worry me more than they probably should.

new hobby: mentally adding "(not real money)" to the end of every headline that mentions crypto

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@fedops @wex @davidrevoy @ilyess I realise i just said linux is and isn't perfect, but i suppose that sort of defines my experience 😛

@fedops @wex @davidrevoy @ilyess i don't know about music, but for visual arts in general and writing linux is more than perfect. linux is not good if one is already too dependent of specific workflows that are only available on mac and windows (and I'm not saying this in a judgemental way, it's just something that happens), but that's hardly a problem with linux. linux is not perfect, but then neither is windows or mac.

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That was one hell of a productive 4-hour stream!

- #wowncast is now on AUR 🎉
- #wowncast potentially has a working .deb (need to test)
- #mowoo made great progress! (matrix+owncast chat OBS overlay)

Next: wowncast as flatpak? snap? rpm? Could try them all!

Really couldn't have done it without the people in chat, today I was particularly blessed with knowledgeable and curious people who were invested in making the progress happen! Love you all 🤍

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