@be @juliana oh, where i live it's something called ARROCHA (i'd tell you do search youtube for it, but i'm a nice person), which is still better than electronic music, but you know 😜

@juliana i feel like that's better than being awoken by very loud electronic music :blob_nervous:

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mais oli & oli só porque a gente é muito lindo

@ irgenhausen castrum, pfäffikon

[contato visual]

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Comer chocolate mirándose a los ojos cuenta como sexo.

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@sidd_harth0_5h4h yeah, i don't think i want to follow everyone though, there are so many inactive people and all that. i think i can just use sengi (desktop app) because then i have both timelines together and i can choose which account to use, so it makes things a lot easier

as soon as i figure out a quick and painless way to do it

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might start following everyone i like from my brazilian account since I'm always just there anyway

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I haven't seen this mentioned in ages, but an instance reminder: we have a radio page radio.eldritch.cafe/

It plays music linked to in toots publicly visible from Eldritch Café!

re: slight dysphoria mention, but positive 

@erosdiscordia @bright_helpings shit, yes, thanks.

@veronica that's good to know. i never really had to do it, but hex (my friend) is too fast for my brain sometimes so i was just being sure haha

@veronica hah, you watched it! cool :) i had been using it not for too long when we did the video, am novelwriter expert now :blob_cat_heart:

i suppose that explains why i've been missing. how's people?

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i did a repo with my scripts for tracking word count progress when writing stuff: codeberg.org/olivia/novel-prog

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gente linda, to aos poucos migrando pra @oli

segue eu lá :blobeyes:

muito amor pra @renatolond :mastodonte: e pra donte sempre <3

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