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miniatures live streaming starting now! live at nudge nudge. come join me?

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*mozilla does something incredibly stupid with their browser*

me: well fuck you I"ll go use something else then!

*every other browser is literally just a chromium clone*

Ah,,,,well, fuck that then

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i might need to stream if i am to concentrate. anyone bored enough to join me?

the comfortable headphones have an awfully short cable. that sucks.

omg the rain is coming to get us like a giant pacman

options for today: work on miniature (stream, anyone?), play terraria compulsively, organize side desk before a cat gets lost in there, sharpen gouges, carve something on wood.

i can probably only do one and a half of those.

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This pride I’m going to start ask heterosexuals weird things about their sex life and why they’re attracted to the “opposite” sex and what that means.

these headphones are actually hurting my head. like, for real. feels like i hit the sides of my head against the table corner.

i mean, it's headphones + glasses. but it's not like i can be without the glasses.

mh (better) 

also therapist said my dino is COOL

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mh (better) 

spoke to therapist today. so nice talking to someone that understands autism and not having to explain myself a thousand times :bun_hd:

also my squish toy things i ordered will be here next week woot

status: playing terraria compulsively.

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I made some stickers!
Anybody want one?

I'll send you one for free if you promise to stick it somewhere cool and send me a picture. Let's start with the first five people to respond!

still grumbling about doctors 

i can't seem to move on, i'm still obsessively upset.

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still grumbling about doctors 

honestly though, the question is: how hard can it be for doctors to start an appointment actually believing the patient? what terrible thing happens to these people in university that most of them turn into cynic bastards that think people know shit about their own body and feelings?

anyone has some extra energy and motivation to give away so i can actually do stuff today?

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