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that time when you need ANC headphones because the birds are too loud

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or when the tip is only sticking out about 1/3 of a milimiter

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probably when not even refilling it works anymore

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how to know when it's time to say goodbye to that 10 year-old sakura micron pen

notes on gender 

how strange it is to be okay with my body without being the gender it dictates;

to be neutral towards the fact society will keep on assuming I'm a woman even though i know I'm not. because I'm definitely not a man.

to be fine with the pronouns i grew up with.

frankly, the feeling that these things don't even matter that much. gender is as alien to me as so many other habits society seems to have, i might have just gotten used to not belonging and not really having to belong.

"True disconnection, like true wilderness, is an empty goal."

this is good. @HexDSL wrote a book. yes really.

(content warning: author ramble.)

(i did the cover!)

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also: FREE ART!

the one-stop solution to all your christmas problems! just pick the art you like, download it and print it in a nice paper: instant original gift! or a nice christmas card!

and yes, it's all free to download in high res. if you want to support my work it'll be much appreciated (link on page), but if you can't, don't worry about it: just get some nice art to share with friends and family (and then tell me about it!) :D

help spread the love <3

also applying heat on my jaw involves pushing the pad against it and pushing anything to my jaw is fucking painful.

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tmj dentist told me to apply heat pad thingies to my jaw so i heated the pad but am using it on my back instead because you know, my tmj is fucked already, my back can still be saved.

i do enjoy very much not being in pain.

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@yarmo has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Playing The Long Dark (feeling a bit lonely today)

#music #chatting #tech #software #dev

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