Working on a drawing for a metal band again, this one with heavy Bloodborne and lovecraftian inspiration :3

NewPipe is an open-source streaming client for Android that lets you watch/download from YT without ads. Recently they also added support for PeerTube, Bandcamp and more. I can now stream my favourite albums from Bandcamp without dealing with a browser.

I use this to listen to music without wasting bandwidth on video streams and battery on keeping the screen on.

#Android #Music #YouTube

donacion monitores 

Si tenés un monitor LCD/LED que no usás juntando polvo, donalo a Cybercirujas que estamos necesitando para poder entregar varios equipos! Escribinos a

big shoutout to Scihub and Zlibrary for making academic research possible

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Ya podés comprar tus entradas anticipadas para Flashparty 2022 a un precio promocional de 999 pesos hasta el 18/9!
ENGLISH: If you come from abroad you can buy tickets on site with cash. Remote participation is free. Your remote entry is welcome!

#demoparty #argentina #demoscene #pixelart #chiptunemusic #retrocomputer #textart

if you read a translation and you think it is crap, the first thought that should pop into your mind is not, 'damn this translator is crap', but 'damn, this translator probably wasn't paid enough for this, so they had no time to do a good job while also taking care of themselves.

Once again extending a big middle finger to the people who decided that having only sixteen volume levels in an Android device was anywhere near enough

Somos CyberCirujas. Trabajamos a pulmón para reciclar computadoras que otros descartan, ponerlas en funcionamiento y entregárselas a quienes las necesitan. Buscamos ayudar a cerrar la brecha digital, pero a la vez generando conciencia del uso de la tecnología libre del yugo de las corporaciones dominantes.

Conocé nuestro manifiesto aquí:

Ingresá a nuestro foro en:

hey all.

my comrade is trying to get some small changes made to MAME upstream so that the FreeBSD can have the latest version of MAME.

but, every step of the way, my comrade has experienced push-back. the maintainers are refusing to commit the changes.

please help my comrade do the right thing!

i actually have a huge soft spot for text adventure games with mechanics that only work in text adventure games

like treating similes literally is cool

i've spoken at length about Counterfeit Monkey, a game that rules. the primary mechanic of that game is that you have a device that can remove letters from things, as long as they stay valid words. for example, near the beginning of the game you get a tube of gel that undoes the letter-removing process. but you're going to need a lot more than that, so you set the letter-remover to E and use it on TUBE to get TUB

i don't remember the name but i once played a game where a linguistic wizard died and you're basically contracted to loot their house for anything valuable before they demolish the whole place, but each room has a different language spell cast on it that dictates what you're allowed to type. like at one point you GO NORTH and suddenly everything the game tells you is written with 100% words that start with N. you quickly realize that you can only use commands that start with N, too. it won't even accept SAVE, RESTORE or QUIT. there's something that you have to take, so you NICK it, but then you realize that you walked north to get here and still have to leave. "south" doesn't begin with N. so you NAVIGATE NOT NORTH

there was another one i saw but didn't play where you're a cryptozoolinguist trying to prove the existence of letters other than the 3 in your known alphabet, by wandering the forest and hunting them down. and you're only allowed to ever type those three letters plus any that you've already found

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Web 3? No thank you. Web 1.0 please.
Electric cars? No thank you. Light rails, trains, and bikes, please.
Ever faster computing devices? No thank you. Cleaner, leaner, and more minimalist software, please.

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* ads are waste of energy

* companies factor ad spendings into their prices, we literally pay for this shit

* public ads are ugly and distracting, and they consume public space which otherwise can be dedicated to art or communication

* ads fund bullshit, they're literally socialism for capitalists

* ads misinform consumers and propagate consumerism

* ads fund bigots

* ads are ugly annoying and unnecessary, and serve no purpose that is good for society

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Cool, YT broke NewPipe again. Another round of cat and mouse. 🙄

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