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seeks to detour and subvert culture. the project's goal is to establish a religion celebrating life and death. both these facets of existence shall be honoured in the three disciplines of Art, Love, and Magic. the aim is to re_enchant reality by setting up a Panic Arcadia Current within Ideaspace.
the movement is growing.

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the PANIC ARCADIA Discord, join for discussions about organic magic, the rewilding of reality, the radicalisation of Art, and many other mutations of classical thought xxx

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All Is True, Many Things Are Permitted (but not all of them)

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"This advanced technology is going to radicalize society..."

is an experimental multimedia project trying to communicate the lived experience of what some people might call "magic"

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having a very annoying day of "nothing matters" (I know the feeling is gonna pass, it's fine) when I've got Shit To Do :/
seems I have to watch a silly movie instead

part of the draw of building your own house or tiny home or w/e is just. to have a place where you actually belong. may or may not have cried about that realisation earlier

[weekly "I hate mystical occult rhetoric" post]

Ananke (Necessitas) is the Mother of Magic
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Magic, Inventions, Creativity
who tf knows how they work, seriously
might as well be sheer necessity, as humans

I'd rather be an Artist than an Ascended God tyvm

good morning fedi, I just spilled diet coke over my tarot cards, I'm a tru urban witch now lol

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90% of my day-job is just knowing the right places to look to double-check information.

Why don't we teach kids with this reality in mind?

projects > tests

growth > perfection

After all, nobody needs to memorize obsolete shit, and it is all obsolete next week.

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Rev. Sterno of the Church of the SubGenius has been AT IT for longer than some of you have been alive. You can see his digital collages at...

... or via alternative front end...

astrology bitch hours, just found out a poetic name for the Moon is Cynthia, can we rename her? <3
it's one of Artemis' names too appaz

astrology vent 

why all the mixed up paradigms and contradictory keywords
why would you equate Power with Fear
the words you write in the sky have an impact, astrology is a map of philosophy as much as anything else, maybe even more so because of its roots in mythology.
metaphorically speaking, you robbed Zeus (Jupiter, Thor) of his power by attributing the concept of Power to the Underworld
now that's metaphysical confusion for sure, seeing as it's not in line with mythology...

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