Most people become intensely defensive when encountering those who've had ruinously bad luck. Sometimes they'll be able to formulate a way in which the ruination's actually a just penalty, possibly through an entire horseshit framework of fault (Christian Science, "poverty is caused by laziness," etc.).


Cases in which no acceptable rationalization can be formed, though, still provoke the same defensive aggression. You can likely still feel at least the minor spasm of this in yourself even if you've let misfortunate caprice soak into your awareness.

Ugh, the first sentence of this thread is getting circulated as a truism on twitter. Let me take another stab at the point: Making every rationalization socially unacceptable wouldn't be sufficient to stymie the defensive, expulsive reflex. Knowing that tragedy could befall you at random, & controlling the resultant fear, are necessary to avoid harming people it's already befallen.

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