My album of the year so far is the new Kaatayra, Só Quem Viu o Relâmpago à Sua Direita Sabe. Woven sunshower-metal roar about dissolving into the trees.

My album of the year so far is Moor Jewelry's True Opera. A way through useless bitter fugs of dread, over&over. Punk, I guess, jagged, I guess, but every instrument unavoidable & infinitely textured always like a comforting weight of sea-eroded concrete.

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@perchingpath faery made this song. No way a human being made this one. that being said-amazing.

@everysplendidsun I mean, if so, he does a pretty good impression of being a Brazilian guy named Caio, but he has said his music is about "overcoming the shame of being human" so maybe he'd be into your theory.

@perchingpath well i dont suppose id ever approach him about being an inter-dimensional being, but i would like to support his art. So thank you for sharing it!

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