Resemblant cousins reunited at the jobsite to their forewoman's farcically repeated confusion.

they are especially active during the triduum of Allhallowtide.

One thing you might do with a sator square is feed it to a cow.

Really into the cadence of this (inconveniently long) spell from The Long Lost Friend. You are coming under your hats, you are scattered!

Assisted a game but aimless armored youth off the thoroughfare. (Turtles begin brigandined, shell-plate in egg-leather, then discard the leather as an outmoded encumbrance. Iconoclasts.)

Every year spent untended on the waterfront makes the Ghost Ships of the Delaware field guide more precise. When you see those masses wavering above the spume remain obstinately dark through a lightning flash, you'll tick Masted Topsail Schooner on your checklist and know what to do.

The swans swam east out of frame to investigate a littered gold-glitter balloon, discussing it in tones of goosey stridency leavened with a purring nasal trill.

Further evidence for the utility of lipstick in shedding past visual association with Christ.

A pumpkin's dropped anchor in a turbulent bit of the big creek again. Twice makes it a tradition. It's just not winter 'til we've seen a gourd getting gently jostled by the current.

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