What if we land and drink from this runoff feeder-beck and in sympathy turn to oil-sheen glass, stand statue for decades watching water and dust and water then remember we're alive and fly off.

I hit the tower just past 3 AM and the cricket machines were as loud as I'd ever heard them.

I walked for hours, encountering neither a lull in the storm nor a fellow meanderer.

The snow fell in such thick clots that I twice mistook its wind-curved motion for a hawk's swoop.

We span slowly in place to test the temperature of each compass point, then followed the cold northwest.

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Despite the wind, snow clung to the smallest branches & drifts cumulated in the folds of our scarves.

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On the bridge over the black oil creek, we thought we heard a child's voice.

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The pylons were stung by the sleet-filled wind, like us, and rattled their maintenance locks.

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Glacier-scraped highland scape, semi-portable, in case you've entered this valley in error & claustrophobia's setting in.

talking about old gay porn 

Really into the way the serial-era driving effects in this porn (Cadinot's Pressbook) contrast with the inspection tags (& lounge house) precisely dating when it was filmed. Like, you start making out and time starts fraying, yeah, ideal.

Sunsets can be safely watched through the windows of moving vehicles, or through meshes of branches parallaxing as you run. In other circumstances, even the best thereof, the need to be elsewhere can swell until it constricts the lungs.

Bit that finial clean off. Snap! Gone. One less orb on your manse.

Found some wild brambles and ate a few ripe, sour berries the birds had missed. If I've made a tragic fruit-identification error and am now dying, keep it to yourself.

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