Definitely one of the easier & more palatable posited methods of homunculi-formation, though I suppose it would necessitate some form of birth.
(from William Newman's The Homunculus and His Forebears)

one taloned foot digging for traction as she's buffeted back towards the creek, wings above madly shoving at the air behind her

"Now stand like bigfoot in that one still from '67."

Everything's lit and I can hear child-riotousness in the distance.

Still true despite my having been given a couple of very nice bracelets in the intervening 6 years.

rape, scars Afficher plus

Temperature dropped precipitously, too, giving me a chance for some intense color/texture coordination. I want summer dead.

The river, meanwhile. A good 7 feet wider than usual and brown with mud.

Pop-up creek. The deer were all out of sorts.

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