I need to return at midnight to see what appears on that perfect little shelf. My bet's on several framed photographs and, almost immediately, a single lick of flame to scorch them illegible. What do you reckon.

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Went out on the last cold day of spring and found a new ruin.


I was so overcome by the pervasive floral jubilance as to be left incapable of worrying about the extended shotgun fusillade emanating from the trailhead.

Froggy vernal fog-songs about fucking to spite the heron and the high creek.

The shallow end, near the steps, is dry & shaded enough for snowdrops, while the sodden, iron-rich soil halfway down the pool is just right for growing a bumper crop of rust-ripe serrate scrap.

I found a raw book by the glasshouse ruin, a posthumous volume of correspondence collecting several hundred ardent invitations to saproxylic suitors.

What if we land and drink from this runoff feeder-beck and in sympathy turn to oil-sheen glass, stand statue for decades watching water and dust and water then remember we're alive and fly off.

I hit the tower just past 3 AM and the cricket machines were as loud as I'd ever heard them.

I walked for hours, encountering neither a lull in the storm nor a fellow meanderer.

The snow fell in such thick clots that I twice mistook its wind-curved motion for a hawk's swoop.

We span slowly in place to test the temperature of each compass point, then followed the cold northwest.

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Despite the wind, snow clung to the smallest branches & drifts cumulated in the folds of our scarves.

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On the bridge over the black oil creek, we thought we heard a child's voice.

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The pylons were stung by the sleet-filled wind, like us, and rattled their maintenance locks.

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