The great blue heron which I often see gliding over the creek at dusk appeared early & distracted me from the delineated arc of water, but only briefly.

Pollen is passed from the stamina to the shadows of stigmata, and another substance travels from the shadows of stamina to the stigmata, producing generations of ghosts with ever-paler blushes.

By far the most-read thing I've ever written was a translation of a French children's book about a vampire girl, done as a favor.

It's my birthday. I feel grim & decrepit. I want my mouth to emit spindly, quick-melting ice structures with every noise: tiny diamonds with my breath, mazily interwoven sculptures when I attempt a tonally veering sprawl of a pronouncement & start laughing before I can finish.

Advising PAFA to comb their contracts for loopholes that'll let them retain the shadows of Rina Banerjee's sculptures when their casters are returned.

If I ever allow the city to synecdochically penetrate & exsanguinate me as the year begins, I'll also ask that you let me play it off as a slip, if only for insurance purposes.

The bollard-of-the-woods mushroom, beyond rare, can be sold to wan city boy chefs with raw mouths & recherchées clienteles for four figures, cash-in-hand.

We found a cicada in the ashes as we cleared the hearth. The holly is laden with fruit, & the hibiscus, which may be substituted for frangipani in my propitiation, is blooming.

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