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pill-swallowing nonsense 

A drunk boy in Old City tipped his oversize comedy sombrero at me gravely, as if we were parting after the funeral of an eccentric-willed relative.

No one told me about my great-grandfather's boyfriends until about a decade after the first time I came out. One can, in so many contexts, be the latest in a dotted line of people forced to be unprecedented.

This morning has been sensorially brutal but now I'm pressing my face into this foil-wrapped burrito to let its warmth seep into my clammy cheeks.

Again I've shrunk precipitously & immediately reached for fruit. It was dense & overripe, a fructivore's approximation of a beef heart.

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siphon-beaked harrier, billet-picker, archtern, clayshawk, orchidian hen, birch-bark picker, Jacob's aviary gem, hundred-feather, shawm's-breath, august warbler, ruche, red ticker, bring-berry, pillowsmete, plains snip, Lamont shank, chalky screech, Marianas dipper, perch-anchor

The world is full of textures bound to objects numerous, distant, large, dangerous, or, most often, ephemeral enough to prevent me from licking them, or even grazing them with my fingertips. I want silicone bracelets embossed with a selection of patterns formed by the mouches in my eyes.

Expressing myself to you honestly by standing in a dim far corner, my gaping mouth emitting a discomfiting sequence of steady tones.

Your thoughts run through the walls in a constant torrent, feathers or sand or whatever, eroding the insulation slowly and getting louder in the narrow rapids between doors & windows. Rushing upwards under your stair-steps to play with your vertigo.

The ruddy, spindly old man conducting your interview leans forward with his elbows on the desk & says, "One final question, ma'am: How much do you, mmm, identify with BloodHorse? Just take that question however it strikes you. Scale of 1 to 5, please. This is important."

Mustering my chirpiest voice to pipe, "I'm made of lead! My bones will fall through the water as through thin air & thump against the seabed!"

"Billiards! Bollards! Hyacinth, bawl & dirge, lice, craw feet, convolution! Prosopagnosist! Fastness, temulance, affixion & armistice! Divisionist, desistor, glossotomic foxglove!" is the sort of thing I'd say if I were Capitaine Haddock & had been deceived into a pratfall.

Irritating to find that a story I care about has a fandom, and I could thus at any time stumble across skilled illustrations in which the characters, whom I imagine to mostly be various strains of haggard wreck as befits their circumstances, are all thin, young, & cute.

My aunt's on bandcamp now. Her page has a gothy, primitive-digital aesthetic, enough to make me wonder if she'd gone industrial, but her latest single is still new-agey waiting room jazz. Great move.

Starting in 1960 my grandfather worked for an amusement park called Freedomland, whose Midwest-themed section contained a microcosm of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire, continually igniting and being doused. That's a gap of 89 years, so some visitors could have watched the pantomime while remembering the actual fire, which killed about 300.

Ugh, the first sentence of this thread is getting circulated as a truism on twitter. Let me take another stab at the point: Making every rationalization socially unacceptable wouldn't be sufficient to stymie the defensive, expulsive reflex. Knowing that tragedy could befall you at random, & controlling the resultant fear, are necessary to avoid harming people it's already befallen.

My most attractive feature is the formation of four angiomata that stretches across my lower left ribs, marking the the angles of the pyramid which you must soon build should you wish to shelter from what's coming. I am best appreciated with a protractor & an army of skilled masons.

Cases in which no acceptable rationalization can be formed, though, still provoke the same defensive aggression. You can likely still feel at least the minor spasm of this in yourself even if you've let misfortunate caprice soak into your awareness.

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