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I walked for hours, encountering neither a lull in the storm nor a fellow meanderer.

The snow fell in such thick clots that I twice mistook its wind-curved motion for a hawk's swoop.

We span slowly in place to test the temperature of each compass point, then followed the cold northwest.

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Despite the wind, snow clung to the smallest branches & drifts cumulated in the folds of our scarves.

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On the bridge over the black oil creek, we thought we heard a child's voice.

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The pylons were stung by the sleet-filled wind, like us, and rattled their maintenance locks.

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Glacier-scraped highland scape, semi-portable, in case you've entered this valley in error & claustrophobia's setting in.

Couldn't get a shot past traffic, but the word's been smudged into an illegible pale blur, as sometimes happens when ghosts pass away.

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talking about old gay porn 

God, there's a scene later with a guy jerking off & getting fingered while lying back on a working 1988 Gottlieb Robo-Wars table, bumper lights flashing under his shoulders, in front a wall of windows whose blinds fill the entire backdrop with the most overwhelming moiré patterns.

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talking about old gay porn 

Really into the way the serial-era driving effects in this porn (Cadinot's Pressbook) contrast with the inspection tags (& lounge house) precisely dating when it was filmed. Like, you start making out and time starts fraying, yeah, ideal.

Even the more recalcitrant of my convalescent feet allowed me a midnight walk of 7 blocks, a distance sufficient both to crest a hill into a turbulent outburst of wind that shoved me to & fro like the crowds I've been pining for, &! to share the sidewalk with a fox on an urgent errand. A gift!

blood, feet, surgery, house-razing 

While cutting at my feet, my surgeon mentioned that her house had just burned. The details echoed, startlingly closely, those of the house-fire I narrowly escaped as a child, but I was too preoccupied with bleeding & being sympathetic to worry that I might be a carrier for a curse.

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Post-surgically blood-tipsy, goring up my outfit in a stretching languor.

I saw another foraging party of black vultures (& clasped my hands at my chest in delight). It was a younger group—some still had mussed manes of juvenile feathers! They'd dragged a roadside meal halfway up a hill, and again felt like the sort of party I'd covet an invitation to.

Sunsets can be safely watched through the windows of moving vehicles, or through meshes of branches parallaxing as you run. In other circumstances, even the best thereof, the need to be elsewhere can swell until it constricts the lungs.

At some point I heard Dennis Wheatley tell an interviewer that while he knew any number of prominent occultists, he'd always refrained, himself, because that sort of enthusiasm made one apt to neglect one's wife & career.

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