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If you want to coax me into something against my inclination, you're best off approaching me in my sleep. I'm listening to a Roy Acuff album because I dreamt someone told me to, and so far I can't endorse that figment's advice one bit.

Filing this CD-R of cross-sectional scans of my lower torso between the slideshow from ma grand-mère's funeral and Riven.

Dreamt of a film, Cleopatra Antonov.
Its poster: the star (fetchingly rat-faced, small mustache, short purple hair) against snow, looking away, fearful.
A clip: They tell a grim knot of nonplussed cops of encountering "some meat...", then clarify "a wall of meat" to dawning recognition.

My nails are unvarnished this week in preparation for Thursday's surgery, so I'm on the lookout for opportunities to claw, scratch, & gouge my surroundings. I'll fill in for the wind-blown branch that scrapes your wall, I'll subcontract for foxes at too-shallow graves.

A man on the impoundment bridge confidently told me something plausible about the shyness of terns, and within 20 minutes a tern approached to contradict him. This could happen to anyone. Couch your avian observations equivocally and impart them in whispers when birds may be near.

A single line, inscribed in duckweed by frog-snout,
before its annihilative translation by great egret scholars.

My air conditioner developed a distressed rattle, violent enough to shift me from bed, and half an hour of fiddling & worry couldn't settle it a whit. Then it spat a wet little scrap of foam rubber against my chest and first it, then I, calmed right down. Exactly like having an infant, really.

misuse of teeth 

Visit a building in a half-fleshed skeletal phase of their renovation, plan a sequence of beams & panes to chew through when your next teeth come in. Stick, punctilious, to those steps.

This time it sounds like getting hooked by the Aliso evening undertow, losing track of the sky, and feeling only the blithest, most playful fear because you're a flitting fish child coming up on the chill of the breeze. A bonfire follows the track.

A pair of diffident young men stopped me on the wetland trail to make sure I didn't miss this rainbow.

It's very nearly self-parodic that the song most reliably able to bring me to tears is eleven minutes long and largely about birds, but
"behind Land house a gentle cooing
the delight of once again being home"

Dream-stumbled into an urban mine and pocketed a nodule of prosodolite (formed from centuries of pitch drabs slopped from jewelers' pots & the yaps of passersby).


This morning I had a second dream of being an archivist contracted by a Polish-American software firm founded in the 80s to sift their overabundance of floppy disks & cassettes for data of interest, and I've been dizzy ever since. I think the office may've siphoned my blood.

I need to return at midnight to see what appears on that perfect little shelf. My bet's on several framed photographs and, almost immediately, a single lick of flame to scorch them illegible. What do you reckon.

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