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Can't die 'til I've gathered sufficient intimates to justify a granular seven page will disbursing my worthless possessions in alternately acid and affectionate manners.

Keep a matched pair of Newfoundlands named Onerous & Dolorous, allow them to roam your damp estate. Plant dense, hindersome stands of willow and let white paint flake from your window frames.

The swans swam east out of frame to investigate a littered gold-glitter balloon, discussing it in tones of goosey stridency leavened with a purring nasal trill.

Got done up in jade & lace to step out and have a crystal glassful of pomegranate seeds & kir royal in the company of firework-flustered birds. Thin mist thickening with smoke then attenuating again.

Further evidence for the utility of lipstick in shedding past visual association with Christ.

A pumpkin's dropped anchor in a turbulent bit of the big creek again. Twice makes it a tradition. It's just not winter 'til we've seen a gourd getting gently jostled by the current.

Dreamt of trying to install a music app, Orca, on the wooden cellphone of a friend newly returned from courting a distant princess. Ran into intractable issues because her phone wasn't "problossom"-compatible or "Linwood+". An elf's mundane frustration-dream delivered to me by mistake.

Tripped and slammed the jamb of a deer-fence gate hard with my shoulder, releasing months of absorbed animal resentment in one clang flung across the barren. Just bruised, though, myself.

Walked into a small sunshower of small hail. Bantam pellets that couldn't raise a welt but rattled & ticked in the dry deadleaf carpet for a few yards in all directions. I caught its last 8 minutes at sunset—no reason not to assume it'd been pitter-pattering that plot since dawn.

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A welcoming instance for queer, feminist and anarchist people as well as their sympathizers. We are mainly French-speaking people, but you are welcome whatever your language might be.