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Reaching off to the side for some particular emotion/grudge/affiliation, groping at empty air because an entire shelf has collapsed unnoticed.

I regret to inform you that an album signed in your blood has been resold for $11.99.

Assisted a game but aimless armored youth off the thoroughfare. (Turtles begin brigandined, shell-plate in egg-leather, then discard the leather as an outmoded encumbrance. Iconoclasts.)

"I felt I'd incurred a great debt at birth, and now I don't. I forget what happened in the interim."

The (arguably) first recorded jazz band losing their pianist to the 1918 Flu and their trombonist (temporarily) to a Great War draft is a handy chronoceptive reference point.

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As a kid I assumed that dusty haunted house jazz was a 1950s recontextualization prompted by distance and decayed shellac, but no! that association was intended right from the first jass recordings. Rib cage percussion is a supracentennial institution.

Cobbling a stolen dwelling from the corners of your ceiling, their awkward crawlspace, and the rear three feet of a too-deep mower shed. Paintings hung over the joins while further seizures are diagrammed.

Watching, past flicking fins, red efts leaving the clear water above you.

Every year spent untended on the waterfront makes the Ghost Ships of the Delaware field guide more precise. When you see those masses wavering above the spume remain obstinately dark through a lightning flash, you'll tick Masted Topsail Schooner on your checklist and know what to do.

There's no reason beyond habit for screamed vocals to be confined to heavy genres.

butcher bird,
built a ship,
caught grapnel prongs in a fin whale's lip.
far offshore,
quelle veinarde,
impaled herself on a topsail yard.

Can't die 'til I've gathered sufficient intimates to justify a granular seven page will disbursing my worthless possessions in alternately acid and affectionate manners.

Keep a matched pair of Newfoundlands named Onerous & Dolorous, allow them to roam your damp estate. Plant dense, hindersome stands of willow and let white paint flake from your window frames.

The swans swam east out of frame to investigate a littered gold-glitter balloon, discussing it in tones of goosey stridency leavened with a purring nasal trill.

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