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Yo, une personne proche de moi se pose des questions et aimerait discuter avec une ou des personnes hypersexuel-les et qui ont pris ou prennent toujours, de la testostérone. Si jamais tu te reconnais dans cette description et que tu es ouvert-e à en parler, tu peux me contacter par DM pour que je vous mette en contact.

Merci de #boost ce post un maximum pour nous aider :purple_sparkling_heart:

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I'm about to get on a plane, but I have a question for the fediverse that I need to get out while I remember.
Anyone have info on the efficiency over distance for rail lines vs air routes vs long haul trucking? A quick Google doesn't get me much, but I'm also friggin tired and already going to miss my connection 😓
I want to learn a bunch more before I start making a fuss to my local govt about it

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why do they call it discord when it has no discs?
buncha liars

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Over in the Netherlands we're being utterly shafted with our (SelfID) and terfs have been getting massive support, even from from abroad. @keffals@twitter.com @ErinInTheMorn@twitter.com @KatyMontgomerie@twitter.com please help us and raise awareness. Our leading lib party are going back on their-

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Urgent, Begpost 

I need money for CBD Oil for my migraines, they are the only thing that has worked so far & allows me to live a functional life not ridden in bed in the dark. I'm just trying to get through until I can see the neurologist in October to hopefully get something prescribed my insurance can cover.

I'd like to replace what I was given to try: I need $46.97 after tax & what I have on hand. Boosts ok. Please do not give unsolicited medical advice.


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⚠️ okay i need fashion help ⚠️

what shirt/sweater do i wear with black corduroy pants?

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TFW your cyberkid could be confiscated cause CPS sus out your License to Self-Replicate came from an 'uncertified' Planned Robo-Parenthood clinic.
Neofeud: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
#cyberpunk #scifi #indiegamedeveloper #cyberpunk #adventuregame

before i was a chi/eur
now im a she/her

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ukpol, rebuke by the International Monetary Fund 

When even the IMF feels you've gone too far..


"The sweeping tax cuts announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng are likely to increase inequality, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.

A spokesperson for the organisation said it was 'closely monitoring recent economic developments in the UK and are engaged with authorities'.

In a stinging rebuke of the new Government’s economic direction the IMF said that such 'large and untargeted fiscal packages' risked undermining monetary policy designed to curb inflation.

“We understand the sizable fiscal package announced aims at helping families and businesses deal with the energy shock and at boosting growth via tax cuts and supply measures.

However, given elevated inflation pressures in many countries, including the UK, we do not recommend large and untargeted fiscal packages at this juncture, as it is important that fiscal policy does not work at cross purposes to monetary policy.'

The spokesperson added: 'Furthermore, the nature of the UK measures will likely increase inequality'."

:megamind: should be a fedi wide emoticon because it's funny

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asking for help 

Hey lovelies,

Could any of you spare a shiny dime or two to kick towards my "grocery fund"? My birthday is coming up soon so I'll get help from the fam in a bit, but I need a few bucks to keep me off "empty" til then.


love and 'preciate you all! 💖:blobheart:

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