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aroace 🤝 whatever non-aro non-ace is called
being gay is nice
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currently having massive gender euphoria right now

hrt, goodfeels 

i am having some tingling sensation in my head and it feels really good for some reason

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starting estrogen (to become chell from portal)


i have literally just visualized the word "cock" in my head and it's literally so funny to me like cock cock cock cock

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URGENT help a trans girl keep the lights (pls boost) 

I need to pay 254 dollars by the 18th to make sure the lights stay on. I really can't survive without power rn and starting work again without it is going to be an uphill battle,, if you can help at all I'd really appreciate it, even just boosting this toot helps!!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaidrequest #mutualaid #transcrowdfund

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Surgery recovery, question 

Bit of a setback today, I seem to have badly pulled a muscle in my pelvis and now that muscle keeps wanting to spasm, causing nightmarish waves of shooting pain.

Spent several agonizing hours trying heat, ice, pain meds, stretching, all to no avail. Finally the only thing that gives me relief is laying on my side in bed.

Does anyone know if laying on my side like this for an extended period will be safe for my surgical site?

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On vit dans un monde où wikipoly, le wiki du polyamour, n'existe pas. Sidérant.

this instance has a need for more lewd things

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you're telling me a trans siberian railed this?

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"Part of the reason disabled folks seem so DESPERATE when we’re begging folks to get this pandemic under control is because we know what happens next is a more systematic extermination of the “burdens” on the overtaxed healthcare system. Don’t believe us? Take a look…"

#covid #eugenics

breast growth, confusion 

breasts are so weird like one day i experience a fuck ton of "growth" or skin stretching or whatever the heck estrogen does + pain and the next day i don't feel that much pain because it decided to not grow as much???
why can't this be like a regular thing? omg

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torrents, only the finest peer reviewed movies
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