My mental state has gotten pretty bad lately, ngl. I’m really not in a good place and every night this week has been pretty rough.

Omg it’s supposed to snow AGAIN this weekend and it’s really just in the way at this point.

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hey, guys. I hate to ask but I’m going through a rough time. My mom and I have been sick and it’s taken a toll on my check. Rent is paid and I had to pay an extra $700. So I have about $150 to last until next payday which is 2 weeks away and I’m kinda freaking out. We haven’t been to the grocery store in about a week since we both have what might be covid.
If anyone could spare anything, I would be so grateful.
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Feeling v invisible and not real rn. At least all the things I used to do out of loneliness are null and void rn so I can just suffer until I get over it w no lingering consequences…

learning how to make reels and TikToks so I can build my brand and eventually do sponsored posts. It’s cool until I randomly get sick of my face lol but I’ve been learning to record things without having to show my face ☺️

d**th, ab*se, mh 

I always find it super hilarious when people try to tell me what my dad would’ve wanted or what we wouldn’t have liked that I’m doing…like my dad was definitely a whole narcissist, very violent and an asshole but go off 🙄

I miss feeling pretty. Need to do something about that…

I wish I knew how to draw. The inside of my brain is such a beautifully vivid place. Albeit, a little dark and intense at times. Still….

food, mh 

I haven’t been eating much for the past like week. Not hungry and idk what to do.

Also, work is boring and I’m sleepy. Help.

In desperate need of more queer friends. 98% of my friends (and I don’t have many) are cishet males and I love them but sometimes they are so painfully boring I want to scoop my eyeballs out.

I have an hour and a half left of work. My office is freezing. My heat is crappy and a heater in here makes the power go out. 😔

Been home for about an hour. Unpacked. Looking for apartments. Whyyyy is rent so high literally everywhere? At this point, I just want a tiny studio apartment 😅

left Jersey at like 4:30 this morning. We’ll be home in like an hour and a half. Bittersweet. 🥲

on the road to Jersey. Got a migraine and a big steel bottle full of water 😅

i like it better when i keep people at arm’s length. really getting to know me means not wanting to anymore.

reeeeeeally resisting the urge to ghost this person even though I swore I wouldn’t do that again

should go to bed. Long day tomorrow (well, today technically)

also don’t wanna go to bed.

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