violent persecution of queer people 

At malobeo (Kamenzer Straße 38) there will be KüfA and a film screening on the 7th of June, starting at 6PM.

About the film: "Since 2017, the fascist leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has been conducting a heinous operation to „blood cleanse“ Chechens by overseeing a state campaign against queers for their detention, torture, and execution. Over a hundred men (?) have been abducted, and at least three victims have died."

violent persecution of queer people 

"The persecution of lesbians and trans*people has been quieter. Worldwide judgment has been weak. Not to mention actual help.

It was activists from the Russian LGBT network who took high risks of repression to seek out queer Chechens, smuggle them out of the country and build a network of safe houses in Russia. The input focuses on the outstanding and life-saving work of the activists."

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