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Pinned post: criteria for sexual interaction, politics, please read before interact 

If you disagree with any of the following statements:

- Capitalism is very bad and must be abolished urgently.
- Immigration borders, same.
- Black and indigenous folk are owed reparations.
- All white people are racist and it's our responsibility to actively unlearn it.
- Deplatforming is good.

Then you don't have our consent to interact with us here. Spare us both the trouble and go away.

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Announcement reading project 

In the next days i will start a reading project and read chuck tingles
Trans Wizard Harriet Porber And The Bad Boy Parasaurolophus: An Adult Romance Novel

I will upload them on an element group and on nextcloud. Links will follow here.

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By viewing my nudes, you agree to support the following statement: TRANSRIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS


Post shower selfie

Hii cuties. Its tiddymonday.

Hrt effects, bodyfluids 

Uhm so it seams that this body is now producing more tears then cum. 😳

Next time i am to late I'll say sorry i was busy thinking about femboys.

Exhib, pun, shitpost? 

Old and tired: horny on main
New and inspired: horny on Main.

Hahaha just kidding. Unless,,,,, 🥺

tillie ass, panties, lewd, boosts welcome, uncaptioned (too tried for write) 


Exhib nude boobies selfie eye contact 

Oh hii highspeed train

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Why do ppl wear bras? I mean it makes flashing tits so much more difficult.

Its transphobic that noone is here to squeeze my boobies.🥺

Nudity, genitals 

Ok i could resist and made some new pics. Here i played today a bit with the sunlight.

Hehe almost forgot that there are so many horny people here. 😅

Boobs, meta 

Hmm they really look a lot larger than last week. 🤔

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