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Nudevember 03: Tools 

Originally and I planned to drill holes in the wall naked for this keyword.
But this improvised setting is even better :3

Nudevember: 02 Lack of Comfort 

Did I mention, my amazing photographer gf is also great at making up new tying methods ad-hoc ♥

horny, sexual, lyrics 

"I've had a rough day
Could you tie me down to your bed?
Ride my sadness away
I get so happy when you straddle my head
Deep digging into the inside of my lips
Thick black ropes holding me in place
You’re dislodged by the grinding of your hips
I'm happy suffocating when you're riding my face
" - Tami T Face riding

:blob_sad_eyes: :blob_sad_eyes: :blob_sad_eyes:

estrogen made me into a submissive and breedable catgirl. nya


Also apperently good decision that we never did plexstorm

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Also shows again, in platform work it are in the end always the workers that get screwed up by this shit. Not the clients, not the platform companies.

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Oof, just found out, that plexstorm apperently had a fraud attack in spring. Streams on twitter write, that they weren't paid since march/april. And now in September they take the site offline because they are out of money. Like they took over 4 months money and did not pay out their workers. Also frick those people that are screwing sexworkers over and over again.

fediverse meta on faving negative posts 

Because I just saw a post about this: Me faving someone's sad/ph-/… post is of course never meant as "great your feeling so bad", but as something like "wish you well" or "yea that's sadly relatable".

Also, yes I’m perfectly fine with other people faving my negative posts in that way.
(Thanks to everyone who's doing this, and also to those who are just thinking like that in response to my sad posts, btw ❤️)

*looking at Fansly*
damn it's tempting.

*cleaning room for taking pics later*

Sexwork mention 

So since onlyfans is dying, I suggest a new site for sexworkers called onlynyans where its just a bunch of cute catpeople being sexworkers.

Be the catboy / bunnygirl you want to see in the world

Quiz, keysmash 

Dhdbdbdbjnnd,,, this test cslling me out

OnlyFans, sex work, rant 

Aaaaand there it goes: OnlyFans is banning sexually explicit content soon.

How long until nudity gets banned too? (yeah I rather expect this than Visa and Mastercard shifting their views on """obscene content""" anytime soon)
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