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More about me: my main passions are animals, and my art. I mostly depict animals, or other things from nature. I don't like drawing people, but I do care deeply about the issues affecting people and try to draw attention to them with my art. My disabilities have a huge impact on my art, what and how much I can produce. My dominant hand no longer works fully so I make art left-handed now. Have only recently switched to digital, hoping it'll be easier on my health

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Intro: I'm 32, Irish but living in UK, very white, very queer (biromantic, asexual, agender trans), married, lots of health problems (both physical and mental), unemployed artist, far left. Will not tolerate any TERFs or SWERFs, or racists, ableists, or any other form of bigotry. I dunno what else to say, ask me stuff.

Cat update, Brief mention of animal death (he's fine) 

So thanks to this neighbour we now have a better picture of what he gets up to during the day. Now I'm just waiting for him to come home so I can examine this cut and decide whether or not he needs to see the vet (I think he might need a buster collar so he stops scratching the scab off, which I'm sure he'll HATE)

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Cat update, Brief mention of animal death (he's fine) 

that he has more than one family.
We started putting 'do not feed' collars on him a while ago out of a suspicion that he was pulling a Six Dinner Sid on us. Apparently the reason we don't get many 'presents' from Loki is that he gives most of them to her, including all sorts of birds and rodents and even squirrels!!! In lieu of a name, this neighbour has been calling him 'the mad lad' which I think is a very accurate description 😂😂

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Cat update, Brief mention of animal death (he's fine) 

Got a knock on the door earlier today. It was a neighbour we've never spoken to before, asking if we own a black and white cat. Immediately I feared the worst, that Loki had been run over or something. But no, she just wanted to make sure we were aware he has a cut on his head. Turns out, every day when we let him out, he goes straight to her house and starts yelling outside her window! I'm not even remotely surprised...

So I can upload images from my phone but not my computer? Anyone got any idea what that's about?

It's less than 2 weeks till the first International Asexuality Day. My group, Pluto, will be hosting an online discussion evening for it, for Manchester based Ace and Aro folk, on 6th April at 7.30pm. Please boost.

Is there a size limit for images here? I'm trying to upload one and just keep getting error messages but they make no sense to me

I really wish my chest wouldn't hurt so much every time I sneeze

Our mission to watch every single Marvel movie in timeline order continues... Tonight we're watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or 'everyone has daddy issues, but in space'

Uuuuuuugh that would mean setting up a new Etsy and getting my art printed on things. Which sounds simultaneously exciting and exhausting

I wonder if people would be more inclined to buy my art if I said that's what the money would be going towards...?

It'd be completely untenable if I had to pay for the actual health care as well

And then there's the cost of buying new clothes to fit my new shape...

And then there's the hotel /Airbnb cost for a few days before and after the main surgery, that'll be a few hundred quid

If I go with the surgeon my gut is telling me to pick, it'll be a 4 hour train journey to get to him, and it'll cost 50 quid in train fare each every time (I'll need to bring my carer as well).

I feel so completely exhausted and worn out. Is it bedtime yet? (it is not, it's not yet 3pm)

Well, I've officially set up a standing order to save up for transition related things... Being is expensive (and that's even despite going with the NHS)

UK trans healthcare question (pls help) 

I have a friend who's really unhappy with her chest shape and wants to get a breast augmentation. She's been saving up for it for an eternity, and was just told by a clinic here in London they can't treat her due to her gender dysphoria and borderline personality disorder diagnoses.

Given most medically-transitioning trans people have gender dysphoria diagnoses, how do trans people in the UK get breast augs?

I'm trying to still get art done in between appointments and being ill, but it's hard

I think on Friday I might just hide inside and speak to no one to recover 😂

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