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More about me: my main passions are animals, and my art. I mostly depict animals, or other things from nature. I don't like drawing people, but I do care deeply about the issues affecting people and try to draw attention to them with my art. My disabilities have a huge impact on my art, what and how much I can produce. My dominant hand no longer works fully so I make art left-handed now. Have only recently switched to digital, hoping it'll be easier on my health

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Intro: I'm 32, Irish but living in UK, very white, very queer (biromantic, asexual, agender trans), married, lots of health problems (both physical and mental), unemployed artist, far left. Will not tolerate any TERFs or SWERFs, or racists, ableists, or any other form of bigotry. I dunno what else to say, ask me stuff.


Are people really just stopping using the Covid app now at the same time as stopping wearing masks?? Do people think the pandemic is actually over????

There is a new group for Black/POC with #MECFS and/or #LongCovid in the UK, which is offering a space to share stories around diagnosis & treatment, & to build a community of support for one another. Info here:


@MECFS @ChronicIllness

I knew it was just a matter of time before this fucking heatwave triggered my migraines. I fucking hate summer

What counts as gardening for spoonies: buy pretty flower, stick in cute planter, call it a day. No digging required!

Covid vaccine 

Just got an email saying I'm booked to have the second dose of covid jab tomorrow morning. And with 5 whole days to spare! Should I expect the side effects to be better or worse than the first dose? (Astra Zeneca) After the first dose I was in so much pain all over I had to take tramadol to be able to sleep the first couple of nights. Injection site hurt for almost a week...

Watching the Eurovision results and I love that Iceland are waving a pansexual pride flag!

Alcohol, addiction, eurovision 

I have decided to give in to peer pressure and watch Eurovision this evening. But will not be drinking. Just two more weeks and I'll be 1 year sober. Here's hoping none of the entries are so bad they make me wanna drink... *pray for me*

I was supposed to have therapy today but it's been pushed to Thursday instead and now I don't know what to do with my day except sit here and feel anxious

Covid vaccine, anxiety 

It also doesn't help that several of my routine injections have been delayed because of the pandemic, so I have zero trust in them getting this one done on time

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Covid vaccine, anxiety 

Anyone else feeling anxious that they won't get given the second dose of the vaccine within the 12 week window? I just really don't trust them not to fuck this up. We're at week 10 now so should apparently receive a text this week to book in for the second dose (called the GP yesterday to ask). It really doesn't help that since getting the first dose of AZ they've changed the guidance and no longer give it to ppl our age...

I've taken the last couple of days off from drawing, but managed to do just enough today to finish what I had been working on. But now that it's finished I dunno what to do with myself. I don't even feel like sharing it anywhere

MH, depression, bad health care, self harm, addiction 

The fact that it's Mental Health Awareness week is really not helping. Having people who won't let me talk about self harm in addiction groups spouting off about mental health is pretty fucking rich

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MH, depression, bad health care 

I'm struggling so much right now after having an awful therapy session on Tuesday. Not the useful kind of awful, the kind where my therapist revealed she hasn't been fucking listening to me, which is massively triggering for me.

Cat update, Brief mention of animal death (he's fine) 

So thanks to this neighbour we now have a better picture of what he gets up to during the day. Now I'm just waiting for him to come home so I can examine this cut and decide whether or not he needs to see the vet (I think he might need a buster collar so he stops scratching the scab off, which I'm sure he'll HATE)

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