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More about me: my main passions are animals, and my art. I mostly depict animals, or other things from nature. I don't like drawing people, but I do care deeply about the issues affecting people and try to draw attention to them with my art. My disabilities have a huge impact on my art, what and how much I can produce. My dominant hand no longer works fully so I make art left-handed now. Have only recently switched to digital, hoping it'll be easier on my health

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Intro: I'm 32, Irish but living in UK, very white, very queer (biromantic, asexual, agender trans), married, lots of health problems (both physical and mental), unemployed artist, far left. Will not tolerate any TERFs or SWERFs, or racists, ableists, or any other form of bigotry. I dunno what else to say, ask me stuff.

Long Covid & MECFS article (UK) 

A good article by George Monbiot. He has a large audience, so this can help raise further awareness of both health issues.

We're about to see a wave of long Covid. When will ministers take it seriously?
The NHS must learn from its mistakes with other post-viral conditions such as ME/CFS – more research is vital

#MECFS #LongCovid

When I was getting clean from the drugs I used when my addiction was active I would make these photo edits to pass the time and take my mind off things. I decided to share them here, they remind me of the feelings I had at the time.

I got a phone call at like half 5, asking if I'll be attending my MRI appointment, and I was like, what MRI appointment?!
So yeah, turns out I'm having an MRI this Saturday!!!

if your activism closes off dialogue between different social groups, you've failed. easy as that

Both my hands really hurt today so I guess I'm taking a sick day

MH, sui, health care fail 

It's such a fucking sick joke to be told I'm too broken for regular therapy because I was suicidal, but then made to wait MONTHS with ZERO help for some other therapy, and told to just ring the samaritans in the meantime. This is not good care.

MH, healthcare 

On the plus side, I FINALLY heard back from the people who are supposed to be giving me therapy, and said the wait should be just a few more weeks... Fingers crossed I finally get the help I need soon


I had, like, a whole hour yesterday where I didn't feel depressed. Can I get that feeling back, please?

no more rich/white/cishet superheroes, capeshit can only even start to have decent themes when it doesnt feature ppl who're immensely privileged acting out their family drama

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My depression just keeps popping up and going 'hey, why even bother, hardly anyone ever likes your drawings anyway'

I'm trying to work on a drawing, but I'm really struggling to motivate myself lately

No, I do not actually know this cat, but thanks for asking, Instagram

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