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not to be nonbinary but seeing everyone listing all their gender/sexuality labels & multiple sets of pronouns in their bios makes my heart so happy

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i wish all
trans people having an internal
struggle with their pronouns
a very

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inside you there are two wolves

one wants one wants
a buzzcut a mullet

you are nonbinary

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Kamala Harris, Trans women in male prisons, Transmisogyny, Transmisogynoir 

Daily reminder that Kamala Harris publically defended putting trans women in male prisons and denying trans women inmates access to HRT.

if i send you a follow request and you decline it & then i request to follow again a few days later, i'm not being persistent i just suck at remembering and i'm sorry !!

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if you are not the direct target of transmisogyny, you don't get to decide if labels like tme/tma are helpful. or necessary. or whatever. you don't get to have an opinion. period lol.

i'm not about to speak over folks who are more oppressed than myself, so why is it ok for others to do so to trans women? i'm so close to calling a bunch of y'all out because i just saw the most problematic fucking thread but this stuff is so draining and i don't have the fucking spoons so i'm out.

do better.

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@ivy With this said: hey TME people, if you want to support a struggling trans woman of color, whos a lesbian, a full service survival sex worker, a migrant, a survivor and neurodivergent, heres my paypal:

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rent assistance begpost boost are appreciated $105/$430 

Um hello everyone, I want to start raising money for rent and food (rent due feb 1). I was out of work for a month because of Covid and don’t have any way of paying for it. Since I work a student job, I didn’t receive any help. Anything is appreciated. Thank you
Rent : 335
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

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more trans politicians =/= trans liberation
trans liberation NOT trans assimilation

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The gender of the day is a crash of silvery rats.

sometimes if i'm sad i just think about how i've never dated a CisDude™ in my life & that really cheers me up !!

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su*cide mention, violence mention 

So here’s a new trans/nb flag proposal that I created ~2 years ago. I’m finally going to adopt it for myself, and anyone else is more than able to use it as well!

I have a lot of issues with the traditional trans flag, this flag just speaks to me more.

To clarify: the yellow stripe at the bottom is OPTIONAL. It stands for recognising the harm, violence, and high su*cide rates our community goes through, and to remember those who have d*ed or been harmed.

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maybe think of meeting someone with pronouns you’ve never heard before as being analogous to meeting someone with a name you’ve never heard before

just because you’ve never heard a name before doesn’t mean it isn’t a name that someone can have

same thing for pronouns

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CW | Prisons talk 

Prisons don’t solve the problem of people harming each other/society, and should cease to exist in its current form.

We need to research and construct something better.

However, while we’ve got them:

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Your cisgenderism will not save you.

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please please fucking cw climate crisis stuff fuck.

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those of us who are trans misogyny exempt need to do a hell of a lot better job at listening to trans femmes and trans women and taking their lived experiences seriously.

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creating new and terrifying genders to destroy cisiety

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Thicc girls are hot. Skinny girls are hot. Girls of different body shapes are hot. Buff girls are hot. Weak girls are hot. Girls of all skin colors are hot. Girls? They be hot. I've barely scraped the surface of hot girls. There are just, lots of hot girls. Girls good.

my gender is a build-a-bear made by a gender confused goblin wbu?

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