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these loki earrings are new in my etsy shop and i love them 😳 they are also available as charms if earrings aren't your thing :) 💚

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boundaries & stuff 

• favourites, boosts & replies are all cool!! (unless specifically stated otherwise)
• feel free to follow request :)
• i'm more likely to accept your request if you have your age & pronouns in your bio (though i understand there are some reasons not to)
• i probably won't accept requests from cishet dudes, even if you seem alright
• i use the word queer without a CW
• friendliness & compliments are welcomed but please don't flirt or be sexual

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profile picture description 💚 

a picrew avatar (by ravntawn) with white skin and pink cheeks, pointed elfish ears with blue & purple worm on a string earrings. they have round glasses, closed eyes, a slight sideways smile, and a bridge piercing. they also have messy shortish brown hair and are wearing a collared shirt with blue, red, orange and white stripes, and a red/maroon jacket over it with a bisexual pride badge. the background is orange.

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i wish all
trans people having an internal
struggle with their pronouns
a very

doctor who 

thinking about mickey and martha <3

hate it when i'm lured off the forest path into some kind of an enchanted realm

if you wear fishnets i automatically have a crush on you

uk newspaper anti trans 

literally no one:
the guardian talking abt trans people: "X who was born male but began identifying as a woman in 2013.."

hey! you! do you have a pretty pet? do you want the change of getting a free pet portrait? would you let me submit a portrait of your pet in an art contest for an animal shelter?

hmu with pics of your pet (or a pic of your pet with you is ok too!)
i'll probably paint a few to see which ends up better. i wont be painting all of them but i might do a digital work if i dont end up choosing yours.

basically i need a good ref pic of a pretty pet. you can be in it or not.

thanks :welp: 🐾

I'm starting a personal challenge to develop writing habits. It's a very small challenge with low targets and no stakes.

If you'd like to join in, please feel free to!


the urge to click on blurry purple images originates from caveman times, when under content warnings was a frequent hiding place for tigers


gonna tell my kids that was david bowie's real hair

Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

but lots of hyphenated words end up getting the hyphen dropped over time (cf. eg. "bumblebee", "chickpea", etc) and it seems to me like that's happening here as well

(granted I'm biased bc I don't hyphenate when I write "nonbinary" but Anyway)

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I always feel a bit confused when I see the word "nonbinary" hyphenated as "non-binary" even though I know it's a common convention sometimes

doctor who doo wee doo 

chris chibnall make 13 kiss a woman challenge

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