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reminder that you can try out any & all pronouns whenever you want to, regardless of your gender identity

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intro & boundaries thread ๐ŸŒผ 

hello! i'm baz >:]

you can also call me basil or zowie, i joined mastodon in dec 2020

i identify as bisexual, gay, queer, nonbinary and trans. i'm also a fairy (in a queer way) and a vampire (in a gender/ kin way). i'm neurodivergent, from europe and in my early 20s

my pronouns are they/them but i often use other pronouns too (check my bio!!)

i'm an artist and have an etsy shop, i love making collages, badges and earrings ๐Ÿ’œ

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profile picture description ๐Ÿ’š 

a picrew avatar (by ravntawn) with white skin and pink cheeks, pointed elfish ears with blue & purple worm on a string earrings. they have round glasses, closed eyes, a slight sideways smile, and a bridge piercing. they also have messy shortish brown hair and are wearing a collared shirt with blue, red, orange and white stripes, and a red/maroon jacket over it with a bisexual pride badge. the background is orange.

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we'll just say where we are, then go back to the car.. we don't want to be any worryy

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Decentering humanity, home edition (also cats) 

The white cat I've mentioned here before came to me terrified of humans and with the label of "fearful" applied to him by the shelter and their vet.

He definitely was afraid of me. But look at these photos, taken one day, and two days, after I brought him into my home.

This is not a fearful cat.

This is a cat who is curious, bold, and friendly - as long as any humans are safely out of reach.

trans person needs urgent housing in NL 

anyone have housing leads in Netherlands? a trans EU immigrant needs urgent housing within a week.

she is v mentally ill and smokes weed so housemates will have to b able to cope with that, but i must stress it is urgent, i think even a temporary stay could be lifesaving

I wrote about feeling unprepared to choose a new name and feeling trapped by my current one.

Am I more than a letter? A response to Stevenson's 'Name':

looking for trans affirmation re naming (and renaming) 

Do there exist people who have legally changed their name a SECOND time? I think it might happen to me and I feel guilty and silly

in better news- i just got a ticket to the first ever live (online) event by my favourite podcast :,)

it/its pronoun users gotta be so fuckin good at playing tag

"Elon Musk is a wanker" - a thing I accidentally said to a class of second year students, while trying to talk about Tesla the guy instead of Tesla the car.

Normalize being socially inept. Just absolutely incapable of talking to people

it should be common knowledge at this point that if u make more money than someone u should not be giving them advice on how to spend it. like, I assure u someone who makes 6 figures has never slept under a bridge or dived dumpsters or taken bird baths at the library or run from the cops with their pants stuffed full of stolen smoked salmon and cheese. these things are never on the "how to save money on a tight budget" lists. theyre all like "maybe don't remodel the kitchen this year" lmao. die bitch.

pics of my hamster (also food packaging) 

i haven't seen shreddie for a few weeks but my brother sends me lots of pictures of her and i see her on video calls :,)

the distinction made between "job" and "career" has always felt suspicious to me

help a black queer youth bury her father and get home for the funeral!

david boreanaz really just becomes a completely different person when he smiles

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