trans day of give us actual rights plz

transphobia/ child abuse implied 

trans day of cis people don't care about children in general, otherwise they'd care about trans children & their rights

trans day of you don't have to come out if you don't want to or can't <3

@ratsdontcry We care about children which is why we don't want you faggot groomers near children

transphobia/ child abuse implied 

@ratsdontcry there are no trans children until someone fucks with their mind.

i support trans rights. i think you should have the rights to euthanasia and shutting the fuck up
@ratsdontcry rights aren't even real please shut the fuck up thank you
@ratsdontcry Rights don't exist and neither do troons. You're just men in dresses
@ratsdontcry Your mother fucked you up and now you want other children fucked up too.
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