do you have a Dysphoria Hoodie™?

@velexiraptor i daresay they could be the same thing- i mean, sometimes said Hoodie can be put on in a moment of dysphoria to provide euphoria?

@ratsdontcry ooh tru - im thinkin abt the tanktop hoodie i own that makes me feel rly good

@ratsdontcry bold of you to assume I ever wear anything else than dysphoria hoodies

@ratsdontcry dysphoria Big Tees which ironically, as you pointed out, actually help me feel better :D

@nessotropheion@cybre.spacel big mood to be honest 👌🏻

@kitty @ratsdontcry i have 2 dysphoria hoodies and a dysphoria onesie because sometimes the hoodie isn't enough

@Scout @kitty oof i think i need one of those,, that's a great idea

@ratsdontcry @kitty mine is a cute raccoon! The dysphoria cannot get through, i highly recommend.

I vote no, but I don't know what it is.
Maybe I have an disphoria Hoodie, and I don't know?

@ratsdontcry in the 90s I wore an oversized, plaid button-front jacket for at least 2 years

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