thinking about how chuck tingle used to just write books about bi folks & gays & lesbians but then his trans fans were like "hey chuck we wanna see ourselves in your books!!" so then he spent a ton of time talking to trans folks and learning that different people experience transness differently. and then he just just- wrote trans people into his books in positive ways. where their main thing isn't being trans, but the message is that trans people are awesome and deserve love & sex & happiness

chuck tingle also calls jk rowling a scoundrel on a regular basis which is a bonus

quote- chuck tingle @ jk rowling, caps 

"even though you have louder platform for speaking hate LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN trans women are women trans men are men and there are STILL INFINITE GENDERS genders including no gender at all. i am a doctor and that is just science sorry devils"

two podcast episode links (chuck tingle) 

links to chuck tingle being interviewed on the gayly prophet (queer/feminist harry potter podcast) about his trans wizard harriet porber books. these are very wholesome, you might cry.

@ratsdontcry Chuck Tingle, proud owner of a PhD in Holistic Massage from DeVry University,

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