kickstarter to distribute leather "safety blindfolds" to people who don't want to see kink at pride

crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

politics, apartheid, antisemitism 

I’m getting real sick of a certain small group hammering on the absolutely false assertion that criticizing Israel is always anti-Semitic. They’re relying on people conflating antisemitism couched in political analysis (which is indeed a thing that happens) with sober criticism

Given that my family fled the Holocaust, and I grew up with those stories and lessons, I am very aware that antisemitism is a real thing and a serious problem. But:

It’s not antisemitic (or even “anti-Israel”) to have a problem with how the Israeli State is conducting its affairs

It’s not antisemitic to call out Israel’s apartheid policies or the need for the Palestinian people to be treated justly

my two favorite things about imagemagick are 1: the name and 2: the fact that I don't have any reasons to use it atm

You software engineers have striped socks?

That's neat, but we sysadmins have :furry: paw socks :furry:

@abloo @prydt sad how sed always gets used over puresh alternatives because "it's simpler" and "not disgusting" and "actually user friendly" 🙄

It's weird being in the hospital for some horrific autoimmune disorder and feeling basically fine. Like on a logical level I know that I could die if things don't go well, but intuitively I feel great. So I always feel bad when the nurses do things that I could so easily do but am not allowed to.

I never knew I could have impostor syndrome over being sick but here I am.

@dankwraith @Ethancdavenport @Catsandcatsandcats yeah, immigration could and does compensate for declining birth rates, but it's not ever presented as a solution because declining birth rate talk is about getting increasing the number of people of the right nationality and race to ensure their continued dominance

Though perhaps I should be asking what sort of sacrifice will appease the machine spirits haunting my org-bibtex setup.

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If programming is sorcery, is debugging an exorcism?

(Seriously though, I swear my setup is haunted.)

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