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complaining about "the left", black death 

Black people being shot at, tortured & killed resisting u.s.-backed governments: 😴

Bernie Sanders looks funny on TV: AAAAHHSHAHAHSJDKFLFFLMEMELDLDKDJDJDJJRJFKFIFWUWHHENENEJEJE :amaze: :amaze: :amaze: 💯💯💯💯💯💯 :amaze: :blob_sad_eyes:

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instance + user block recommendations 

How shocking (not) to see frequent appearances from,,, & other white supremacist hangouts on the follower list of this person, who describes the empire that shipped more Black people into slavery than any other as "less racist" than its spawn.

do ya thang

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From 869-883 AD the abbasid caliphate faced an existential threat from black insurrectionaries in what is now iran & iraq, an event known as the Zanj Rebellion which forever changed the course of slavery

From 1791-1804 AD black insurrectionaries defeated 3 imperial armies & birthed an independent nation that struck fear into slaveowners worldwide, & the Haitian Revolution still echoes today

This account: a digital partisan of slave revolts. education, propaganda, & agitation 🌋

“remember when håkan geijer called drawing attention to white supremacy ‘racism’?” by ∞ Genders 4 Black Communisms

“The fear of Black reprisal unites both the left and the right within the u.s.a.” by ∞ Genders 4 Black Communisms

“be the oppressor: mitski’s music and her u.s. state department father” by ∞ Genders 4 Black Communisms

wow you can still post after you move huh. discovered that by accident

Words are difficult in a society whose "smooth" functioning is critically dependent on lies.

Not stories or myths; not even fantasies. Outright lies.


Each meteorite typically carries between 50 and 450 enslaved cargo.

They typically do not break the surface unless a “catastrophic” surfacing event, such critical loss of cargo, occurs.

It is a process of rearrangement which propels both meteors in descent and submerged meteorites. They are eventually (but inevitably) torn apart.

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euro cracker: we learn about slavery & colonization in school we are Educated

same euro cracker:

Rather than following party-line-above-all Marxists or Kennedy assassination obsessives, listen to this interview for a proper understanding of the importance of the CIA: as one of many valuable weapons of EE. UU. imperialists. Lots of fascinating details, but doesn't lose focus of the core interests motivating its actions.

be like *a dozen copies of Manufacturing Consent* *no more than 3 books in languages spoken, read, & written by millions of black people*

@romainelaprophetesse The last thing you said is why I'm here. Given how inept this space is at subverting or even identifying anti-Blackness, I think a lot of people here would be more likely to call the cops on a Black user that offended them than protect them.

But the ability to be less doxxable, harder to track, and freely critique whiteness and other state-reenforced power structures is compelling.

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