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frank murder discussion including Black death 

billionaires & presidents assassinated by white leftists in the 21st century: 0

Black children pumped full of bullets & badjacketed as fascists by white leftists o
in the 21st century: 2

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boundaries for nonblacks 

Unfollow if you're not black *and* you don't believe the right thing to do with the united states of amerika is to destroy it

Don't think the "unfollow if you're white and voted for biden" post really got the point across tbh tho it stil applies

We're not on here to accumulate followers just because lol if that means a lot of people go that is absolutely fine. Just respect the request.

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From 869-883 AD the abbasid caliphate faced an existential threat from black insurrectionaries in what is now iran & iraq, an event known as the Zanj Rebellion which forever changed the course of slavery

From 1791-1804 AD black insurrectionaries defeated 3 imperial armies & birthed an independent nation that struck fear into slaveowners worldwide, & the Haitian Revolution still echoes today

This account: a digital partisan of slave revolts. education, propaganda, & agitation 🌋

*sees a terrible thread*

*goes to OP's TL & it's full of boosts*


meta, fascism 

the masto nazitinos are at it again


This nigga said george soros promotes inclusive language LMFAOOOOOO


this could literally be so many countries lmao just think about it

Can someone who isn't cooning that hard remake Tha Carter II


Just wanna stick quotes from Fanon's chapter on the national bourgeoisie on the foreheads of niggas like this.

BIPOC Instance 

Running a server is expensive 🥴😂 I'm still down to build somethin with collaborators who are all about african liberation, indigenous liberation and the solidarity across non white cultures. Obv a LGBTQ+ Friendly space, no time for that ignorant shit. lookin like it'd be an application based setup but we can figure out details later

What's the point of calling out shitty things if people will continue to do those things? This is not a rhetorical question. Why bother?

Did y'all know the founder of is a cracker anarchist who had white "dreads" lmao

Reading about the Bongo family & what a goddamn mess this is

title+description of book that looks interesting - slavery & colonialism 

One of the major forms of exploitation of the Congo was the effort to set up mining companies and to force Africans to work in the mines to extract these resources.  Focusing on the most powerful of these mining companies—the Union Minière du Haut-Katange, John Higginson provides a detailed history of the relationship between the company and the African workers from 1907 through 1951.

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title+description of book that looks interesting - slavery & colonialism 

A Working Class in the Making: Belgian Colonial Labor Policy, Private Enterprise, and the African Mineworker, 1907-1951

For colonial administrators and the Belgian banks, the Belgian Congo was an immensely rich source of raw materials; diamonds, gold, manganese, oils, nuts, tobacco, peanuts, etc. 

People Without Color have fascinating selective response patterns don't they

fascism, sarcasm, celebrity 

Dua Lipa is on the cover of Rolling Stone because fascism totally rocks

Can't ever leave Mastodon because then there'd only be 2 black people remaining

meta, politics 

Okay so y'all know how people on here have tags for political posts from various nations (uspol, politique française, etc)? Question.

Can you name the countries for which you can remember seeing such tags?

It's totally fine if you name tags you see more frequently but have a hard time remembering every single one. We're interested in the patterns & what comes to mind first/fastest is illustrative.

Boosts to facilitate responses are very welcome

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