Uhhh, fascist Alex Jones is on mastodon.

Guessing fediverse admins may want to block that instance (it calls itself "The pro-liberty social network" which is fash speak)

Just a heads up to anyone who isn't a fascist lol

@milia @Sylvhem it looks like most instances his followers are from are already blocked here but we will reply with any that aren't if that's ok

@romainelaprophetesse @Sylvhem does not hesitate to report users who do not respect the rules of the instance

Doing so with the reporting feature is the best way for us to deal with them

@milia @Sylvhem ah yes that is probably better than like trying to assemble a screenshot list lol will do

@_joe_merrick1312_ going thru the follower list now to find instances that aren't blocked

@romainelaprophetesse @_joe_merrick1312_ Thanks for doing this. I imagine some fascists saw the IG ban stuff and started new instances to try to sneak their way into our timelines, but it never works out for them Thanks to the fact that we have people like you and excellent moderators. It's also possible to block entire instances on the user level.

@free_appalachia @_joe_merrick1312_ other ppl should definitely also do this tho bc maybe ppl who've been on here longer than us will notice things we miss

@romainelaprophetesse @_joe_merrick1312_ edit: If you are using the tusky app, go to the profile of the user you want to block and in the top right corner there is the three dots, in that menu you can hide the whole instance.

@free_appalachia @romainelaprophetesse you’re welcome but I just boosted the alert 🖤
thank you!!! @romainelaprophetesse

-just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.-


i'm still trying to work out if it's serious or sarcastic. in these Onion times, it can be hard to tell.

@romainelaprophetesse Other than the name “REAL ALEX JONES”, I can’t seem to find anything that actually links that account to Alex Jones. How did you find that account?

@robby Looking through "Recently joined" in the Profile Directory

Even if it's not him it's still a fash instance tho

hey, could you block this instance? contains the fascist alex jones

@subMedia @rixx @stux

@subMedia @fruechtchen @rixx We have blocked this instance a while ago. It's bad news..



@aphyr @romainelaprophetesse Yup all those violent Antifa thugs and their bike locks, they've killed <looks up statistics> nones of people....

@aphyr @romainelaprophetesse <reading first draft> WTF! You cant say "will happily host video of Nazis murdering college students "

@Capheind @aphyr @romainelaprophetesse Okay, I've gotta hear, what's the connection with antifa and bike locks?

@Lofenyy @aphyr @romainelaprophetesse I think one guy smacked a nazi with one during a protest and its been a rightwing talking point ever since.

@romainelaprophetesse I hate how he parades all the platforms he's been banned from (which includes Mastodon...?). Anyone with a hint of self awareness should ask "is the problem with me?"


Thank you for the heads up, forwarded this info to our admin.

From their "About" page:

> The very idea that a tech company led by communists and radical left-wing socialists could claim a monopoly on “facts” is absurd. No one has a monopoly on facts, and the entire fact-checking fiasco […] has boiled down to politically targeted censorship run by radical left-wing propagandists who are truly mentally ill in the fact that they actually believe their delusions are an accurate map of reality.

'nuff said.

It's looking like the majority of the accounts on brighteon are just bots.

@kittenlikeasmallcat @romainelaprophetesse Hey that's really nice data!
I'm quite new still, what can I as an individual do with this? Is there some kind of app to automatically block the ppl on the list? Or did you just post it as an info?
Hope the question doesn't sound wrong or silly, I honestly don't mean it like that :)

@ernstlichp You're good! Probably wise to block all these instances. You can also look into any of these accounts at your leisure, and see if you can find something interesting. For example, I just found a fake donald trump successfully soliciting massive bitcoin donations. Which is not how I thought I'd spend my morning but ok.


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