Boost bc 1) we've criticized kolektiva before for similar shit 2) we have plenty of followers & at least a few ppl we follow who are over there 3) first time we've seen anyone actually say they're defederating from them

terrible uspol quote from kolektiva account called out by OP 

"I have no love for the right but I applaud the storming of the capital."

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kolektiva / instagram / antiblack anarchists etc 

To be clear, we noticed soon after we became active that kolektiva was where a lot of the antiblack u.s. anarchists we've encountered elsewhere hang out.

THEN there was the whole IG move spearheaded by people like makegodgayagain who was frankly promoting the mayoverse in a blatantly uncritical way and told lots of ppl kolektiva was the place to go if you were rad which predictably brought a lot of new people there.

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kolektiva / instagram / antiblack anarchists etc 

Not sure if any instances are choosing to defederate other than the one from OP but we haven't really pushed hard for any particular response, just called out shit when we saw it with the idea that Black people who signed up there could then decide for themselves if they wanted to move or not. But gonna put our past posts abt the instance here for reference:

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All that said it's VERY interesting that this corner of the mayoverse seems to be eager to defederate from annoying anarchists but not from annoying radlibs lol.

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@unsuspicious people who vote for democrats, nonblacks with BLM in the bio, nonblacks who have a lot of clout & use it to push annoying reformist bullshit


@unsuspicious See the rest of the thread, named a couple, also (obviously) & but a list might be pointless tbh it's a systemic problem with this whole digital world not just with individual Bad Instances

@romainelaprophetesse i didn't know of issues with, i don't follow the local timeline that much. i'll keep an eye on it. maybe it's time to move out.

@romainelaprophetesse no, but i'll look around. I interact more with ppl I follow directly. I've choose the instance just because it seems properly moderated and had a good CoC.

@romainelaprophetesse If it's any help (?) I've been trying to get people to listen about anticapitalistparty for years

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