In this thread an admin of is directly informed, with receipts, that they have a white supremacist on their instancd. The admin proceeds to do nothing about it except insist that only reported mastodon posts are worth acting on (& also misgender the white supremacist in question, håkan geijer)

@romainelaprophetesse You're calling hakan a white supremacist because 1. they said that it would be racist if that white teacher was black and got more shit for the suit and 2. said "don't spread rumors about this" Correct me if I'm wrong.

@romainelaprophetesse I'm totally open to that being the case. I might be wrong. I would like to understand how. I also understand that it isn't your job to educate me. The blog post in question seems to be wilfully misinterpreting what's going on, so I'm disagreeing with it's message. I respect that vigilance but I'm not parsing its use in this case.

@kittenlikeasmallcat "seems to be willfully misrepresenting"? what insight do you have into the "will" of this blog post that we don't?


1. all white people are white supremacists on some way shape or fashion even you if you're white even leftists even anarchists. period no exceptions for friends or family.

2. pointing out that black & white women receive starkly different treatment is not "racism" but håkan described it as such

3. the "rumors" håkan referred to were ppl saying the CHOP CHAZ assholes who shot two black CHILDREN were white supremacists. do you consider that a "rumor"

@romainelaprophetesse I'm affirming that your first point is spot on. However, this results in a demand to deplatform all white members of every instance. Is that a tenable goal? I'm not against it.

Hakjan is tw'ing racism in the fact that if she were Black, it would be so much worse.

Those CHAZ assholes were white supremacists- first by virtue of being white, and second by the nature of their violence. However, Hakjan is trying to discourage cointelpro rumors about it.

@kittenlikeasmallcat Notice how you're repeatedly & consistently putting håkan's comments in the best light possible even when it contradicts what actually fucking happened while consistently challenging OUR interpretation?

@kittenlikeasmallcat Have you ever publicly challenged anything håkan said in this same fashion?

@kittenlikeasmallcat can you explain how "white people who kill black people are white supremacists" is "cointelpro rumors"????

@romainelaprophetesse W'hite people who kill black people are white supremacists' is definitively not cointelpro rumors but the articles by thenationalfile, thesun, gellereport and thepostmillenial are. White supremacist critics of CHAZ will gleefully jump onto this kind of travesty with all the misinformation they can muster to smear any self-governing communitiy. I want to make it totally clear that I am not advocating for white governed "autonomous spaces" on stolen land.

@kittenlikeasmallcat please shut the fuck up like we already asked you to & fuck all the way off.

I notice that. I think it's reasonable for me to do so. I also realize it's important to put those comments in the worst light. I'm challenging your interpretation because I have reason to sincerely do so.

I've never observed a need to challenge Håkan. I would If I did.

@kittenlikeasmallcat if you've never observed a need to challenge them that says MORE than enough about you. Fuck off our page & thanks for the additional evidence your instance is a pile of shit

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