The other day, @romainelaprophetesse provided us with an extremely helpful informative article about Wikipedia and the oppressive nature of that site and its use. I love when people call me out like this (indirectly or directly) and I have a chance to examine my own life for ways I support my own detriment as well as others. I use Wikipedia all the time (did). I had used them to source the definitions of Ubuntu that I used on my server and other places that mention it. (Continued in replies)

I went to remove that citation and the quotes. I wanted to describe Ubuntu in my own words. It’s hard for me to explain well because my default language is English. So, I set out to find a voice describing Ubuntu in English but from someone with lived experience. What I found was a lot of good reading that validated me as a person; helped me connect with why I feel what I feel and how I want to navigate the world.

So, the outcome is that, instead of feeling defensive about my previous bad decisions, I took time to think about how I could meet my needs while also adjusting based on the callout. It usually takes me a few days weeks or months to think it through this way. Instead of seeing callouts as an attack, see them for what they are. Another person is spending their time to help improve your life as well as their own. Thank you so much for your wisdom @romainelaprophetesse

@ikora lmao wow did not expect anyone to post about this! noticed that you also decided to stop using it, but you did the thing which is the number one reason we don't think boycotts are entirely worthless - as motivation to explore alternatives, figuring out what you could learn & make use of via other means than whatever you're boycotting. we definitely had in mind mostly white ppl who would stop using wikipedia & then keep on being white lmao. but glad you made something cool out of it 💫

@romainelaprophetesse oh I figured you meant that... but as you say that doesn’t stop me from reading and learning for myself. Loved this opportunity, really!

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