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i am mae.

I am in chronic pain because my kidneys are deformed, i have long covid. I don't have a gender. My pronouns are fae/faer. I parent and homeschool three amazing humans.

I have a really wonderful partner who says he is human but who i am pretty sure is actually a tree.

I am autistic w/ adhd and my active special interests are religion/mythology, folklore, gardening, and reading.

You can ask me anything but be prepared for me to overexplain.

Three whole games into overwatch 2 beta before some man gets toxic and violent in chat.

Ameri poli 

Other countries need to start removing American embassies and military bases. Everyone is giggling about a civil war but this going to be world wide. America has been the bully if the world for centuries.

I would give a lot to be calm but would I give drinking water regularly, following my care tasks, orrrrr


USA poli 

SCOTUS handing out religious extremist conclusions left and right. We aren't getting out of this until some other country steps in and ends the American government.

A white person on TikTok just blocked me because I told them they were pronouncing ukulele wrong. Amazing.

Lol all that was just because my knee was dislocated. I got it back into place and already feel much better. Sore but it was really intense before.

Chronic pain, money 

I've been up since 3 am because one of my knees did an EDS thing and the pain is too loud for sleeping.

Fantasizing about what I would do with a sudden influx of money, top of the list is a wheelchair.

Food talk, money 

A mutual on TikTok last night got a video on her fyp of someone eating mutual's same food and saying they'd had it every day this week, which really hurt because mutual doesn't have the funds to have her same food on a regular basis and often goes hungry because poverty plus sensory issues.

Anyway. Right now mutual is eating her same food because a bunch of strangers on TikTok got together and sent her food money. 🥺🥺🥺 Beautiful.

Sometimes humans are.. just good.

It is hard to tell if i am just being depressed and mentally ill or if I'm just bad for my partner. He doesn't think I'm bad for him but i feel like a weight dragging him down.

Chronic pain, parenting 

I am in excruciating pain 24/7 and it's really hard to be the only actual parent of my children. They don't treat me like I'm in pain, and some days I just.

I want to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep but i can't sleep because of painsomnia and I don't want to deal with petty complaints.

Gotta do driving to do paper signing in one of many steps towards divorce today. Don't really want to do stuff but do want everything to be over with, which requires my doing of the stuff.

Just spent two hours building a trellis for one of my larger garden plots and I'm tired but feel accomplished but also not confident it will be good at its intended purpose or that my plants will grow big enough to need it.

I woke up feeling so angry after going to bed feeling very okay. Will i ever be done processing all the trauma?

Have been burning incense in the garden to discourage bugs and it actually seems to be working. 🥲🧡✨

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I wish I could find more transmasc folks on fedi to be mutuals with.

I've been searching for days and only found a few ones.

Let me know if you are, especially if you're disabled, anarchist and use CWs! :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

I don't think I'm very good at social media and i know that i guess? I am autistic and that is part of it. I want to have a community of people but also i don't do well chatting one on one as the instigator and i dont know how to leave conversations and also and also and also


Tomorrow i go to the eye doctor and i have been putting it off for seven months but it will be very neat to have the option of wearing contacts again (after we order the prescription cause they never have mine on hand).

Not being able to ask for help has always been a problem but now that my legs just stop having feeling suddenly and for unpredictable periods of time, not being able to stomach asking my partner to come home means i just dragged myself inside over the course of 45 minutes and now I'm on the kitchen floor and in no way capable of reaching pain medication.

Racism, stranger things 

I would just like to spread the message that there are many people in the Inuit community who were harmed by the casual use of a racial slur in Stranger Things.

I don't know why anyone is supporting Netflix by watching their shows in the first place. But this is a content warning for that show for those who need to be warned that racial slur is used.

Stop. Supporting. Netflix.

Made two new garden beds (using yard debris) today and planted ginger in one. Gonna try radishes in the other. Haven't found a good spot in the yard yet where they flourish after planting.

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