With a "Death to ["Supreme Leader" of ] Khamenei", a molotov is hurled against the oppressive theocracy's seminary in Shahrekord, central Iran, night to today,
in this video via Kargar News.


cop cars (burning, iran) 

The people seem to be fed up with the repression forces and today burn the repression forces' vehicles in Kazerun, south Iran, according to Kargar News.

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Tonight some very disturbing reports are coming in from the town of where residents are protesting against the whole regime in . A 16 or 17 year old girl has been shot dead. In the indifference of the "international community", the Islamic regime is massacring the people who rise up for bread and freedom.


Police killed at least 6 people during the last days' protests in . The Pasdaran (guardian of the Islamic counter-revolution) wanted to prevent the funeral of Pish Ali Hadjivand in Shulabad. Their car came under heavy fire.


Jamshid Mokhtari was shot with four bullets by repression forces in last night.
Today, people in Iran took to the streets again and the internet was shut down.

Stop aux poursuites, arrestations et publications de fausses nouvelles par le ministère des renseignements d’Iran


During the protests in , the security forces shoot at demonstrators with a weapon that we do not know, so that one did not bleed, but can not move because of excessive pain.

So far, more than 300 people have been arrested in a very violent manner in Izeh. Some of the arrested protesters were transferred from to Sepidar Prison and Mollasani Clinic. Many of those arrested are younger than 18 and even children.

Security forces in Khuzestan province arrested three more protesters in the city of and took them to an unknown location.

, a deaf carpet worker, is one of 300 other people arrested during the protests in Izeh.

Note: often the protests are announced but no footage is released. The reason is that the gathering is dispersed quickly by the forces. Last night as soon as the protest started in Quchan 70 attendees were arrested. For security reasons we don‘t publish pictures in these cases.

Über das Ende vom
"Schwarzer Pfeil Mag " und kurz danach auch
die Schließung der Instanz

Das Buch "Schwarze Saat" von Elany könnt ihr immer noch bei Black Mosquito beziehen oder sonst einfachmal in einer anarchistischen Buchhandlung eurer Nähe danach fragen.

Was geschah:


15. Mai
In hat sich der Konflikt verschärft. Die Fenster vieler Banken sind zerbrochen und in jeder Straße werden Reifen angezündet.
In the conflict has intensified. The windows of many banks are broken and tires are set on fire in every street.

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