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getting out of my current job!! leaving it!! it got pretty toxic and I decided "I would literally be better off taking a pay cut and working for a coffee shop" so that's what I'm doing.

Only a couple days until I get to leave the Office Job Lifestyle behind me.

Think I'll spend the window between when this job ends and the next one starts just making music

ultrawide monitor = more pinned columns on mastodon

this month on "what is sappho doing"

it's toki pona

the language is like, 137ish words and I am deeply in love with it

also easiest anki deck I've ever used to make progress in, it's so much shorter than established natural language decks

money, work 

working in an office pros:
- excuse to use org-mode and mu4e, because I have so many things I need to keep track of and have a backlog of email from the time before I was hired
- have enough money to make sure I meet rent and eat food

working in an office cons:
- so many things I need to keep track of and such a backlog of email from the time before I was hired that it makes actual sense for me to be using org-mode and mu4e
- very easy to run out of steam by the time I get home

Every time I think about the fact vcv rack is free I get a little dizzy, it's that important a piece of software to me

mh, ADHD medicine 

I tried a different ADHD medicine for the past month or so, and it had less immediately noticeable side effects, but the side effects it had were to do with memory so I've switched back.

It was also not doing anywhere near as good a job treating me, so coming back to mixed amphetamine salts has kicked me back into gear.

We'll see if the slightly different dosing regimen fixes my primary concerns or if I need to try another drug in a month or so 😅

every second I spend using reaper is another opportunity to marvel at how cool computers are and how powerful audio recording, editing, and synthesis have gotten.

computers cause me so much trouble, but they give me such powerful tools. so double-edged.

the growing army of MIDI knobs, pads, and faders on my desk has led me to bring back out my 40% keyboard as a space-saving measure... never thought this thing would actually be practical

hi yes it's me sappho, i'm a serious musician but I just spent 20 minutes troubleshooting a midi keyboard before remembering I needed to enable it to get it working in reaper

how is the commute from my bed up two feet to my computer ten times harder than commuting a mile to the university on my bike

watching serial experiments lain for the first time about a year after things went into lockdown here was both the right decision and a difficult watch to handle, I think

that was a month ago, but I'm already thinking about a rewatch

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is "lesbian wearing hockey hat" a thing this app will like? let's find out

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Servicetoot 2: you're not paranoid if they're really after you edition

build tamper detection into your devices. full disk encryption is worthless if it's possible to take a ramdump. if your pc case is opened up it should shut down immediately, ideally by *physically disconnecting power*

have backups of your password manager. one remote server is not good enough.

have a panic button type thing in place that powers off your devices, and ideally wipes your phone

please add to this.

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POV: you're my second monitor and I'm slowly decaying in another zoom call

and it's not like I did something that *should* have led to that, it just happened when I did like the wrong audio thing for my computer's taste

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having spent too much time using linux, I had forgotten that sometimes an OS like windows will just actually crash


i know that attending zoom class in pajamas is not good for my brain, but it seems like it might at least be better than not attending the class at all so we're doing it anyway!!

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I guess what I'm saying is it's just wild to be excited about a diagnosis. I haven't felt like this since my gender dysphoria diagnosis, which made me so happy I think I cried about it (not that I think gender is anywhere near as much of a medical thing, just that it gave me access to medical means of transition)

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mh, positive, doctors, medication 

I've felt for a very long time that there's a disjunction between my ability to do tasks and my ability to *finish* them, and hopefully that will gete better.

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