Starting March 10, you'll need a Microsoft account to play Java.
This is it folks, yet another HUGE reason to switch to @Minetest
is minecraft equivalent that respects your freedom.
is a proprietary software, which in itself was already a reason to not play it and avoid it, but if you wanted to play it anyway for some reason, at least your account was separated from the big fish and their data base. Another push for Microsoft's monopoly.

@sarahsapphire @Minetest Good intentions but let's not pretend either that Minetest is a 1:1 copy clone of Minecraft.

@boilingsteam it isn't. It's more of an engine rather than the game itself (although it does contain minetest: the game). Mineclone 5, however is one of the games for @Minetest which goal is to be pretty close in terms of features and content to the last version of Minecraft: Java Edition.

blockgame meta from being a modder / sysadmin for A While 

would be interested in hearing your logic on this one, @boilingsteam, as the experience can be similar, but there is no need to be a 1:1 clone for it to replace the proprietary option.

Speaking as a former modder here, Minecraft systemically is a horrible, burnout-inducing experience for developers comparatively...making the move to Minetest was a relief and delight after dealing with the Java paradigm atop an unsanctioned modding interface.

In my experience, the main difficulty is mac (which already has mac issues bc java) and the interface clutter. Those are things that can be fixed, just like the rough edges that were present in early versions of Minecraft.

I encouraged people to "wait and see" after the MS buyout. I regret being that voice of moderation then, we all knew that MS cannot be trusted with our data or our "open source", and I will not make the same mistake now.

Minetest is a viable path forward, Minecraft is not, unless you know something about the full stack of the paradigm that I have missed.

@sarahsapphire @Minetest

@boilingsteam @sarahsapphire @Minetest

Kind of agreed. A caveat though:

Doesn't have to be a 1:1 clone. It just has to be... a full experience. And it isn't that. Not yet, anyway.

I think the promotion of Minetest and Minetest games should look more like "we're developing an alternative, so you don't have to deal with Microsoft's BS, care to support the creators working on this?" than "here, play this instead of Minecraft."

@boilingsteam @Minetest @glitchyhare @sarahsapphire Have you taken a look at Vintage Story? I've found it to be a very complete experience and it still has more to come.

@eshep I haven't, but from what it seems, it is not a free software, so I personally wouldn't suggest this as an alternative. @boilingsteam @Minetest @glitchyhare

@sarahsapphire @Minetest That whole post is really messed up. The choice of language sounds ... evil.

@muio @sarahsapphire @Minetest Minetest is more of base game that provides a skeleton for mods.

Minetest itself has games, where MineClone2 is a pretty good clone of Minecraft.

@sarahsapphire @Minetest Wish I could play minetest

but for some reason minetest's multiplayer code makes my intel wifi chipset freak out and cause a panic

@sarahsapphire @Minetest How has Minetest improved in terms of feature parity with Minecraft? I tried it a few years ago and it seemed very generic and lacking a lot of the things people play Minecraft for.

@gerowen @Minetest The base game is more of an engine for modes and other games on this engine rather than the full game.

So, Try out Mineclone 5!
It's one of Minetest's ContentDB games which development goal is to be pretty close in terms of features and content to Minecraft: Java Edition.

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