Look everyone! Yes. This is on using .

Don't pay attention to my RAM usage, neofetch for some reason gets it wrong here, htop shows just 5 GB out of 16.

@Phate6660 yeah, I like it, bought it from and player for a bit: I've reached apocadesert but haven't had any free time to dedicate to since (I'm a student). Will certainly continue to play it when I do have time though. MUSIC SLAPS 0_0.

@slavic_hawk it's a competent desktop OS I should say! So far I really like it. I'm now trying it out as my second daily-driver-OS in general and first daily-driver-OS on my desktop (I use GNU/Linux on my laptop and the laptop is my main device: that's why I'm making this a bit weird distinction). My desktop PC was usually meant for gaming and it had practically speaking a decent gaming GPU so I thought: why not to try it? I've dealt with WINE for a bit and there we go :)

@sarahsapphire ZFS tries to use all the available RAM to cache things (mainly ZFS ARC). Remember that unused RAM is wasted RAM, haha. I think that I recall someone telling me that top is better on FreeBSD than htop because it understands the platform better.

Happy hacking!

@solene thank you :P! I'm actually thinking of using FreeBSD for gaming videos/streams on my peertube channel. Initially I planned to use Debian GNU/Linux..But I really like FreeBSD so far.. And there is way less love given to FreeBSD in that field than what it deserves. T_T
My main focus is free software gaming anyway (or rather gaming on free/libre operating system), so it wouldn't hurt for that system to be a variant of *BSD! Anyway, sorry for long read :P

@sarahsapphire you are probably using ZFS :-D. *Technically* it is using all that RAM, in reality it will be able to free a bunch of that RAM if needed.
If you run the `top(1)` command, you'll see a section called ARC, that's where the extra RAM is going to ^^.

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