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thank u to everyone who came to my face reveal sad dog party ... for the rest of you ... some more picrews (drawn eye contact)

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OutKast People Nation--LGBT+ Incarcerated Folks Giving Circle. 🤝🏾 Support jailhouse organizers and spread the word!

help a black trans person avoid homelessness!

"PLEASE encourage those you know to donate to this fund, even if it's just a few bucks. If you know people who have big social media platforms too, please insist that they use their influence to help promote Black trans survival funds like Ash's."

By the way, this is my favorite raccoon video. you should watch with sound.

Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

We used to have Karl Reins, Oskar Beer, and Charles R. Woods. Now we have no reins, no beer, and no woods!

A goat with patchy withers and worn hooves bashes the fence

gross opsec reminder, actually I wanted to shitpost but this actually makes sense 

phones are like butts: once you're done, wipe them

*kisses every black person on forehead* u r sweetie pie i hope ur doing as okay as possible despite all the ignoramuses, shitheads, and creeps they produce :QueerCatHeart_panafrican:

Fascinating. Turns out the Luddites in E Midlands were quite into technology. They modded their machines but often their bosses patented and stole their innovations. #luddites #luddism

Furries going to pride with their crusty yiff suit: Ok

People wearing leather: How dare you!

pls rec me cool art/poetry/story zines that i can easily print and send to penpals on the inside!

recalling an old Good Housekeeping article about a woman's marriage to a gay man, sex discussion 

@sayyid_qishta I'm sure there were all too many :/

subMedia: **Indigenous Anti-Tar Sands Alliance**

"Over 50 indigenous communities in the US and Canada signed a historic pact to stop the expansion of Canada’s tar sands oil extraction project."

#anarchism #bot

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