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I guess I never really made an introduction on here, so uh, you can just ask me stuff and I'll answer.

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Help bring Rapheal home! Our relative Rapheal is currently serving a life sentence for defending himself. Rapheal's story is a moving one about resilience, healing from abuse, and standing up for yourself. Watch his Ted Talk and consider donating to his legal defense here: If you can't donate, please share and help us get !

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yo im selling stickers of my memes so if u like leftist content and supporting trans people of color maybe check out

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if anyone's interested in following my art acct dm me 🌸

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actually this deserbes a top level post!! !! make some friends inside!!

A Black transmasc friend of mine needs help keeping a roof above his head as he prepares for gender affirming surgery in July. Please pitch in if you can! And share wide!

ACAB, assassination mentions, Black liberation 

This time last year the u.s. had just witnessed the biggest national guard ("internal" forces of the national army) deployment in its history, in response to the Black rebellion against the police. The previous record was set in in 1968 during the Holy Week Uprising - a similar Black uprising that was a reaction to the assassination of MLK.

Fascist troops are being deployed again in Minneapolis, the epicenter of last year's uprising, to control the left's mobilization after a death squad assassinated an outspoken Black entertainer, Winston Boogie Smith. There isn't yet anything like what exploded last year happening on a national scale...but what **global** Black liberation needs now isn't another cycle of riot & reform. What's needed now is for revolutionaries in the heart of empire to do from within what those in the "periphery" are already moving towards: tearing down the empire.

why has everyone just discovered that critical race theory is a thing and how can we reverse it happening

fundraiser for incarcerated comrade update 


thank you folks so much for continuing to donate and share. Rapheal says the progress of his fundraiser has given him hope that he may be released this summer or fall !! 🎏 every share and dollar helps

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yes, i am livetooting today's democracy now broadcast, thanks for asking

yo also with all these ransomware actions going on is there a legal defense fund for the comrades targeting polluters??

another source.
that oil needs to stay in the fucking ground until we stop pissing it around on shit like getting to the grocery store 5 minutes faster.

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prompt for a 1000 word medium thinkpiece 

how does one holler on the down low?

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y'all im pretty sure that's what he actually said too im not exaggerating

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i just watched a bts video for the first time in a few years and uh ... is this what the kids are into these days? AAVE word salad??

fundraiser update! 1499/3000

we're a dollar short of halfway! please keep contributing folks. we'd love to get Rapheal out sometime this summer or fall !!!

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Are you a creative or advocate and need some help or want to offload a segment of the nerd crap that gets in your way?

I want to provide cheap help overarching design and research or routine. Here is the why and the what on this mutual benefit:

While I am a garlic farmer that makes angry industrial music, I am also a well spoken battle hardened veteran of IT, media, advocacy and the arts. I'd love to help creative and ethical folks in meaningful projects.


freshness from Project NIA--"Cosmic Possibilities: An Intergalactic Youth Guide to Abolition" ☆

This meme isn't directed at anyone on here but it's been stuck in my brain for over a week after seeing that receipt of that person spending over 800 a month on various subscription packages.

$1,359 raised of $3,000 goal

Rapheal's fundraiser has been going much slower of late--please keep the momentum up. Rapheal is being held hostage because of his inability to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to admit to a mistake. Please help us get him free!

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