some resources related to allyship:

-Anti State STL "Another Word for White Ally is Coward"
-Indigenous Action "Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex"

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**Can Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests lead to police abolition?**

"As Nigerians protest brutality and demand reforms, some say full abolition is the only road to liberation from violence."

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Flaming barricades go up in #SixNations after the cops attack native land defenders. This on the same day a judge granted a permanent injunction against #1492LandbackLane

kind of gross lol 

im literally losing my shit over these stickers made by @makegodgayagain !!!

what isn't scary about anarchism at all is that the actions that seem so impossible to begin or continue doing,

they're actually really small every day actions

and they build up over a humans life, and as well small things leave impressions on other people as well, and we all are learning from each other from these small or large symbolic actions

no pressure to perform other than your own too, because no gods no masters means that you do it on your time as much as you can mustard

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anarchism's sort of scary because

at the same time you have that freedom and liberation and 'ungovernable' existence and mutual cooperation as goals,

you also carry the weight of understanding how many layers of power and control are currently on top of a lot of people and yourself

and how dissonant and painful it is to understand how these human and earth level forces interact and actively go against the structures built up over thousands of years, whether inside human or structure without

i made these memes months ago and i feel this way vividly today trying to request an absentee ballot for the 25th time 🙈

like even though i don't believe in amerikkka or states in general I STILL TRY TO VOTE EVERY TIME and the barriers are constant 🙈

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white people out here screaming "VOTE!!!" meanwhile the rest of us out here actually trying and finding out our registrations have been purged, we need multiple totally unexpected forms of voter ID, waiting in line for hours & finding out our absentee votes don't get counted

I just signed an petition: Protect the Kanienkehà:ka Rights in the Oka Pine Forest. Sign here:

not to sound pretentious but this shit is all empty signifiers--just vague statements that you can read any interpretation into--packaged inside a super white, heteronormative, individualistic view of spirit and the universe

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like obvs it's a 15 year old movie now but the neighbors ate it up and I just ... am constantly shocked by how empty white Spirituality is

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watched What the Bleep Do We Know with a couple older folks from the neighborhood yesterday ... mmmyikes

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