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IT IS DONE!! Escape the Bullpen is a queer indie platformer game about living in a reproductive dystopia. Because we definitely don't live in one already.

Play as Jack, a pregnant trans man in a world where most people are infertile. Except he doesn't want to have a baby, and the only person who can help him has been kidnapped. Can you free her and get an abortion?

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it still seems like i wont get a work permit anytime soon so please commission me ! buy my zines! ask your mommy dom to buy you a painting of mine for your birthday!

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OutKast People Nation--LGBT+ Incarcerated Folks Giving Circle. 🤝🏾 Support jailhouse organizers and spread the word!

guy who lives in an apartment, professes no religion and produces youtube videos by himself for a living: we need communities. have you considered a union?

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Prince Charles dies and then another boat gets stuck for a year in the Suez canal. Our nation comes together in peace

okcupid's old "i don't want to see or be seen by straight people" button is something that all dating apps should have tbh

The Elder Strolls: You play as an older person with a good pair of hiking boots and no heavy swords to bother yourself about, just a healthy draw towards exploring nature in Tamriel

They Are a Myth, They Don’t Exist: Stop Talking About Cooperatives in Jackson, Mississippi by Adofo Minka

"During the time I lived in Jackson (2013–2020) there seemed to be efforts to establish a waste management and recycling cooperative, a security services cooperative, and landscaping cooperative. All of these initiatives are referred to as emerging cooperatives. Emerging meaning that they either don’t exist at all or they marginally exist as non-fully functioning entities...

There are no records or transcripts, or videos available of workers and farmers dialoging or debating who have been toiling together for months or years. There is no record of clashing views or healthy controversy as to what to produce, where to produce, how to produce. Equally important, there is no record of a cooperative laboring force mobilizing against Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba’s government or placing demands on it.

Is Mayor Lumumba for a solidarity economy? Perhaps. But he is also for Michael Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, the Kellog Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers, Disney."

If racists, transphobes, homophobes, sexists, etc do not hate your guts and speak about you to their other bigot friends as someone it's a 'waste of time' to 'engage' with, you have to ask yourself if your progressiveness is really that progressive.

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aahh!! i got in the feld building and died!! i didn't mean to, i didn't see another way to let kim in!

you (cisgender and heterosexual): my tastes are... unconventional. I enjoy rimming

me (transgender, homosexual, and bisexual):
*politely raises eyebrows*

Hundreds of people across the so-called US and Canada took part in "Running Down the Walls" events on both sides of the prison walls, raising thousands for political prisoners. Check out this report from the #AnarchistBlackCross.

CALL OUT! As many of you know, I'm keen to see a UK version of France's Mutu Network develop over here. I'm wondering if it's worth setting up at least a chat group to start some conversations and ideas around making it happen. Interested? Let me know!


Cuba didn't just "legalize gay marriage". They redefined marriage as an equal and consensual partnership between spouses and as just one way to organize a family.

Lmao lmao ofc the gays in this country would only talk about gay marriage in respect to this. That's all they care about.

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Hey lovelies,

Could any of you spare a shiny dime or two to kick towards my "grocery fund"? My birthday is coming up soon so I'll get help from the fam in a bit, but I need a few bucks to keep me off "empty" til then.$somarasu

love and 'preciate you all! 💖:blobheart:


Activists in Jaffa are restoring the city’s pre-1948 street names. Today, the street names almost exclusively reference Jewish/Israeli cultural and religious figures, erasing Jaffa’s Arab/Palestinian history — which this project seeks to revive.

alabama prison strike 2022 

Day 2 of the alabama prison strike -- already seeing repression and retaliation from prison pigs

Video of ADOC correctional officers beating another man in ADOC custody:

"The inmates in Alabama State Prisons have went on strike and are demanding better living conditions and prison reform . NO INMATES are currently operating the Kitchen .. this is what staff prepares for them .. Peanut butter sandwiches & raw hotdogs.. Please LIKE & RT."

outside demos in support:


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alabama prison strike 2022 

"The strike organizers allege Eighth Amendment violations due to overcrowding. They're calling for lawmakers to make the following changes:

- Repeal the habitual offender law, which requires longer sentences for people convicted of multiple crimes, including life sentences for those convicted of a Class A felony after three previous felony convictions;
- Make the "presumptive standards" retroactive immediately;
- Repeal the drive-by shooting statute, which allows prosecutors to charge someone with capital murder if they are in a vehicle when they fatally shoot a victim;
- Create a statewide conviction integrity unit to investigate possible cases of wrongful incarceration;
- Create mandatory parole criteria that will guarantee parole to all eligible persons;
- Streamline the review processes for medical furloughs and early release of elderly inmates;
- Allow juvenile offenders to become eligible for parole after 15 years served, instead of the current 30-year requirement; and
- Get rid of life sentencing without the chance of parole."

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alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike

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