today's spotlight is on Romaine Riviére, AKA Romaine La Prophetesse :tipsytentacle_candle: Romaine La Prophetesse was the leader of a major insurrection in modern day Haiti during the 1700s. Born a free Black person in modern Dominican Republic, she moved to the French-controlled side of the island and established a coffee plantation known as Trou Coffy (Kofi's Valley). :tipsytentacle_candle: 1/3

Romaine and her wife Maria Rey liberated many enslaved people, including Rey and their own children. Beginning in 1791, the two led an armed rebellion, the Trou Coffy Insurgency, with the aim of liberating all enslaved people in modern day Haiti and DR. At its height, they controlled most of western Haiti. :tipsytentacle_candle: Romaine was also a major spiritual leader, combining Catholicism, ancestor worship, and Kongo spirituality. :tipsytentacle_candle: 2/3

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Though she was assigned male at birth, Romaine self-identified as a Prophetesse (female prophet) and dressed in feminine clothing. She said she was "possessed by a feminine spirit." :tipsytentacle_candle: Many white cis historians argue it is anachronistic to label her as a trans woman or nonbinary person, even though that's clearly what she was. :tipsytentacle_candle: Those people also cast her as a villain for hundreds of years, so fuck them. Trans femmes have always led the revolution. 3/3

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