today's spotlight is on Miss Major Griffin-Gracy 🌸 Miss Major is a Black, transgender activist who has fought for over fifty years to create a better world for her trans/gender nonconforming community.
Major is a veteran of the infamous Stonewall Riots, a former sex worker, and a survivor of Dannemora Prison and Bellevue Hospital’s “queen tank.” 🌸 Contribute to Miss Major's retirement fund:

sorry for no image captions if someone else could do it i would be really appreciative!! i tried like four times and mastodon keeps fjcking up

@sayyid_qishta This is fantastic. God I fucking burned that house down.

Image Description for above post 

3 pictures of Miss Major in a pretty blue dress, smiling and looking off to the side. They are in a frame so it looks like they're in Microsoft Paint.

Miss Major is saying "When most of my girls came out of the closet they turned around and burned the house down, so there's no closet to chase me back into"

"It's got to be all of us or none of us are going to make it"

"I don't want to assimilate into a group of people who think my existence is abominable"

@sayyid_qishta miss major continues to do so much to support queer and trans youth in Arkansas where there are so few resources for queer kids, especially for housing for homeless trans youth.

she and her partner also just had their first child!💕

@sayyid_qishta TIL Dannemora is a town in New York and a prison colloquially named after the town.

The name originally is the name of a village of 200 people in Uppland, Sweden.
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