herbal birth control megathread: intro 

in light of the shittery that has taken place i thought it might be useful to share some alternatives to medical abortion. please keep in mind that herbal remedies are a supplement to licensed medical care, and in the absence of doctor supervision please be extremely careful and take steps at your own risk!!!

here is a list of plant based ways to end or prevent pregnancy (extremely gendered language):

i'll unpack more in the thread

herbal birth control megathread: vitamin c 

vitamin c is used as an abortifacient and to stimulate menses. better yet, you probably already have it.

it is water soluble and fairly well tolerated by the body even in large doses. however, medical resources recommend avoiding doses larger than 2000 mg.

to stimulate menses or abortion, take vitamin c several times a day up to the recommended limit (2000mg) until your period begins. use a menstrual cup to check if you have successfully miscarried.

herbal birth control megathread: queen anne's lace (1/2) 

queen anne's lace is one of my favorite birth control plants both due to its accessibility and it's fun lore.

queen anne's lace is a common lawn "weed" that you have probably seen before! it does have one poisonous lookalike (poison hemlock, which has red dots on the stem but doesn't have the iconic red flower in the bunch that QAL has!) and several non-poisonous ones such as parsley, dill, fennel, and carrots.

herbal birth control megathread: queen anne's lace (2/2) 

it is important to watch QAL through its whole life cycle to confirm your ID. look alikes will have different colored flowers or grow differently. additionally, what you want is the seeds anyway!

QAL is not an abortifacient, but instead a form of herbal Plan B, to be taken right after unprotected sex. take 3 teaspoons of QAL seeds every day for three days after sex (or 5 tsp for 2 days) for a total of 9-10 tsp to prevent pregnancy.

herbal birth control megathread: blue cohosh 

blue cohosh root is a commonly used herb for abortions as well as increasing estrogen in the body. it does grow wild though i personally have never seen it.

however, herbal preparations of it are commonly available over the counter. the tincture is recommended because cohosh's active compounds are alcohol-soluble.

Standard decoction (root) Simmer 20-30 min. 1 cup 3-4x/day
Standard Tincture: 1tsp. 3-4x/day
Powered root: 1 Capsule 3-4x/day

herbal birth control megathread side note 

i'll post more later but please feel free to add any abortifacients that you know of!

herbal birth control megathread: blue cohosh 

@sayyid_qishta I was at a friend's house one morning. I saw his cousin, a few years older, placing a tablespoon of goldenseal (root, herb, ground) in the center of a slice of white bread. I asked what for. She said she'd sleep with a guy last night and she wanted to be sure she wouldn't be pregnant. I cannot confirm if this method works, but I know she did not become pregnant.

herbal birth control megathread: goldenseal 

@FriendofBernie i hadnt heard of goldenseal being used before but i looked it up (in M. Wood's Earthwise Herbal) and it says that goldenseal stimulates labor which usually means that a herb is an abortifacient, because if you take it too early in the pregnancy it instead stimulates a miscarriage. thanks for sharing!

herbal birth control megathread: goldenseal 

@sayyid_qishta She rolled the goldenseal up into a large capsule and swallowed it whole. This was a longtime ago, we were young, the cousin was visiting. I remember the day clearly.
Should add though that taking that much goldenseal at once is not a good idea generally. Take yogurt or other "probiotic" later to balance the digestive system.

re: herbal birth control; caution 

@sayyid_qishta It's extremely important to note that most herbal abortifacients are *poisons*, and the dosage can make the difference between causing an abortion and killing the patient.

I would not recommend using any herbal abortifacient except under the care and supervision of a well-trained herbalist who is specifically knowledgable and experienced in this area.

(I also suspect that a failed chemical abortion could cause birth defects or pregnancy complications, but I don't have hard evidence on this one.)

re: herbal birth control; caution 

@sayyid_qishta There's also just a tremendous amount of junk information out there in a herbal medicine space. Anything to do with herbal medicine needs to be taken with quite a pile of grains of salt.

While herbal medicine can indeed be quite powerful, useful, and important, it is usually based on folk medicine that has not been subjected to safety and efficacy studies, and is almost always stripped of important cultural context.

Basically, find a practitioner who knows what the hell they're doing.

re: herbal birth control; caution 

The page you link to does the right thing by starting off with like 10 paragraphs of warnings. I would strongly discourage posting any particular method without that kind of preface. Basically, don't put it in a toot.

re: herbal birth control; caution 

@varx hey! thanks for your very legit concerns. i did try my best to warn people and link people to a warningful article. i also only highlighted medicines that are pretty non-toxic, though of course dosage does matter. in the article many of the medicines listed are toxic for sure. all this to say i understand your concern! i just also think people should know they have options when things feel hopeless. have a nice day 😊

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