OutKast People Nation--LGBT+ Incarcerated Folks Giving Circle. givebutter.com/OutKastPeopleNa 🤝🏾 Support jailhouse organizers and spread the word!

July Campaign Update is out for OutKast People Nation--we've got two new incarcerated trans women we're supporting, an advocacy request from comrade Akeem, and lots of other good stuff. Check out the fundraiser and consider sharing or donating! givebutter.com/OutKastPeopleNa


August OutKast Update! We've got three new trans women on the inside we're supporting and writings from Tariq and a new penpal named Micah! We gave out the most stipends to date during July and August is looking like it's going to surpass that. PLEASE consider donating or sharing with your rich auntie so that we can keep our trans folks on the inside healthy, supported, and able to communicate with the outside world. givebutter.com/OutKastPeopleNa

also if anyone is interested to write to the penpals or take on some fundraising I would really appreciate it!! please dm me who you are and why you want to work with incarcerated queer folks, and we'll go from there. (and if you want to write to someone specific, who and why)

people (including some on the inside) often ask why I simply send money to prisoners. after all, they say, these people are criminals, how do I know how they will be spending their money?

the answer is I simply do not care. many incarcerated people are there because of poverty and circumstances surrounding it. while in prison their poverty is intensified because everything--phone calls, clothing, food items beyond the literal expired garbage they get fed--costs money, often much more than what it costs on the outside. so many incarcerated people leave prison in debt.

add to that that queer incarcerated folks tend to have fewer outside supports, and I'm happy to send the ladies money for anything they need. even if they are using it to snort ketamine or whatever, who cares? folks have a right to cope and to autonomy in providing for themselves. and besides, I spend most of my free money on weed anyway so who am I to judge?

September OutKast Update is up! August was our most successful month for stipends. I and the penpals deeply appreciate the support we've received and are super grateful to you all for sharing and contributing going forward. Each contribution supports trans and queer people in prison accessing food, transition related care, and communication with the outside. This month's update features poetry from Kim and updates about the project's finances! givebutter.com/OutKastPeopleNa

Alright! The October OutKast Update is out! We sent nearly $600 in stipends last month, to which I'm incredibly grateful to all of you folks who have supported. Each contribution supports LGBTQIA2S+ prisoners in accessing commissary, gender-confirming items, and communications with the outside world! This month I also sent everyone letters and art. Check them out, as well as Tariq's lovely new profile picture, at givebutter.com/OutKastPeopleNa.

I've also created an email list, so if you prefer to receive these updates by email sign up here (bit.ly/outkast-mailing-list).

@sayyid_qishta you are right and what you said also applies to homeless people who are often shamed for spending their money in alcohol and cigarettes

@ady_luimeme extremely true! especially because homeless people are criminalized and many people who are incarcerated have also experienced homelessness.

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