[fr] Bonne journée internationale des travailleurs et des travailleurs à toutes et à tous ! Et merci à celles et à ceux qui ont eu le courage de sortir dans la rue défendre nos droits aujourd’hui ✊ !

[en] Good international workers’ day to everybody! And thank you to the people who took it upon then to be on the streets to protect our rights today ✊!

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my potions are too strong for you, traveller :transgender_pride_potion: :queer_pride_potion: :pansexual_potion: :polysexual_potion: :lesbian_potion: :demigender_alt_potion: :genderqueer_potion: :agender_potion: :aromantic_potion: :asexual_potion: :genderflux_potion: :progress_pride_potion: :omnisexual_potion: :demigirl_potion: :lesbian_alt_potion: :demisexual_potion: :bisexual_potion: :intersex_potion: :demigender_potion: :rainbow_pride_potion: :pangender_potion: :bigender_potion: :nonbinary_potion: :genderfluid_potion: :polyamory_pride_potion: :demiboy_potion:

i find that all these race and cultural problems are far less problematic on the local small town level

oh my neighbour has a thai wife and she works at the grocery store

oh there is a black man working as a garbage truck driver okay that's cool

when the politicians start making a problem of it, it becomes a problem
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Sometimes it's nice to keep your opinions, principles, and corrections to yourself, and just allow people to speak their hearts out, without regard to random mistakes.

Sometimes it's nice to just listen and acknowledge.

I cannot enjoy any beer/wine/alcoholic beverage due to the long-term prescription have been taken for several years :blob_cat_snug:

Too many people still don't understand that you don't need to be a racist person or acting with malice to perpetuate racism and cause harm.

Usually it is hard for me to remember the detailed plot of nightmares after waking up :blob_sweat:

My Fediverse timeline is full of people doing cool things in collaboration with others.

My Twitter timeline is full of people competing with one another while performing their bullshit jobs.

The functions of reaction&MFM on Misskey make SNS more lively :blob_cat_heart:
Also there are many beautiful pictures or photographs on my Mastodon timeline :blob_cat_snug:

So, kind reminder that not every language works in a Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) order. You can’t just except that translating the Verb-Object part of a sentence will work, a lot of languages will need to reorder the words to use SOV or VSO. There are slightly more languages using SOV than SVO, btw.

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Just blocked 3 "AliceXXXX" spam bot accounts. I have never blocked anyone on Fediverse before :blob_spin:

Only on Twitter an account can break three rules at once and not get blocked.

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