Hi everyone, I’m moving over to from so I figured I would post a reintroduction

Well as my bio says I’m Shahaan—Canadian, mid-30s, I go by he/him pronouns and I’m vegetarian

I’ve been active on Mastodon for over a year now and I generally have positive interactions with people on here

I’m a Pakistani Zoroastrian by ethnicity, grew up in Toronto, and have a BA Anthropology from McMaster

I continue learning everyday

@shahaan I knew you were a canadian guy, but didnt' I see you in saudi or ... somewhere like that a week or two ago?

@shahaan Right. I keep the number of follows down, so I can read everything ppl post and keep up, but my memory isn't always the greatest for capturing detail.
For e.g., I'm often off by an entire order of magnitude when quoting numbers, so I always caution ppl IRL and then look up a reference.
In this case I was also only 'in the area' :-)
Are you using your degree there? I thought you were just another computer geek :-)


@gemlog It happens :) Not using my degree in a professional capacity at the moment, unfortunately

@shahaan I was like "Ooh, this could be weird and interesting!" :-)
Your family are with you?

@gemlog They are! I couldn’t live without them. What’s that line—that kids are our hearts walking outside our bodies? Something like that :)

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