Is this text-based facial expression looking left or right?

Alright here we go... Looks like “left” is pulling ahead

I mean, I guess it’s the eyes pointedly gazing left?

Of course, it also looks like eyes opening to the right... so... idk? Lol

Well, now, would you look at that? :blob_cat_sip:

With nearly 130 votes of which 84% went “left,” the “right” has suffered a crushing defeat. :blob_cat_giggle:

See what I did there? :blob_cat_peek:

This poll inspired by, and dedicated to, my friend @sindastra

She’s a knowledgeable and experienced web dev. Do check out her profile and get in touch if in need of web/software development expertise!

@shahaan ah dang, to my left or it’s left?

I voted left but meant my left.

@stitchandsew oh no! I guess I should have specified!! Didn’t think of the perspective damn lol

@stitchandsew I guess I meant from the observer’s perspective 😅

@shahaan It's looking left (i. e. looking right from my perspective)

@thumb just something I’ve seen people use when chatting online

@shahaan Just read your follow up toots. I am trying hard to imagine it as eyes but all I see is a head and arms thrown up. I don't get many of these expressions. I am old :).

@thumb The dot is a nose, I believe? Idk if that helps 🤷🏻‍♂️

@shahaan To the viewer's left/right, or to the face's owner's left/right? Because those would be opposite each other.

@terrana I’ll go with the observer’s pov. I didn’t specify and others who have voted so far have assumed this

@shahaan This is playing dirty, I don't know, I see both sides.

@ghostdancer ahaha I assure you, there is no malicious intent :P

@shahaan I know but I can't vote and I'm making all kind of stupid faces in front of the computer to decide.

@ghostdancer lol i apologize for causing you this experience of facially expressive indecision :P

@shahaan From the perspective of the ascii face, it's looking to its right, but it's looking to my left.

@shahaan I didn't realize it was supposed to be looking in any direction. 😅

@eldang Isn’t that from the actors’ POV, which would make it left from the audience’s? I can’t recall from grade 9 drama class :blob_sweat:

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